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Welcome to Food Mix It Up, your online resource for everything to do with the kitchen mixer machine. If you are looking to purchase a food mixer then you have come to the right place as we aim to cover every aspect of this piece of kit, so you can make an informed decision based on unbiased reviews. Check out our individual product reviews on the right hand side, or search using the box provided if you can’t see it, to read up on everything you need to know about the best offerings on the market today.

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Best All-Rounder

The KitchenAid K45SS  comes out on top in terms of best all-rounder, with a host of fantastic features and functions that will allow the amateur and professional chef to knock up tasty treats, for a very affordable price.

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Best Budget Kitchen Mixer

Andrew James 1500W

If you are on a tight budget then don’t dispair because there are plenty of machines on the market that are extremely affordable. We happen to think that this model from Andrew James offers the best blend of affordability, usability and style.

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Most Stylish

Sage by Heston Blumenthal Food Mixer

For those who like the idea of a mixer that, as well as offering lots of useful mixing ability, also takes pride of place on your kitchen worksurface, the Sage by the famous chef Hesten Blumenthal knocks all others out of the water.

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What is a Food Mixer?

Food mixers are electronic machines that incorporate a range of functions to aid food preparation. A good quality food mixer integrates automated functions with a high-powered motor to create the equivalent of electronic cooking utensils, all within one product. Professional kitchens utilise industrial food mixers for bulk mixing but home cooks can also enjoy the privilege of effortless mixing with machines made for domestic countertops.

Every food mixer has a range of speed settings and more often than not a ‘pulse’ button, making them versatile enough to deal with a vast range of cooking tasks. Heavy-duty mixing jobs, such as dough kneading, are light work for a quality, robust machine. The power of each motor varies, from a few hundred Watts to more than 1,000 Watts. Some food mixers work with more than one power outlet to make certain tasks even more precise, so the end result is impressively defined every time.

Food mixer capacities vary but buying a domestic machine will allow for anything from very small ingredient quantities to food preparation for a dinner party or a large family of hungry mouths.

As well as the basic mixing tools, plus the occasional extra attachment, many food mixers include safety features and add-ons to aid clean and tidy cooking. Removable splash guards are popular, as well as power cord storage and automatic overheat power-down.

All in all, adding a food mixer to a kitchen’s inventory introduces efficient preparation, cooking precision and the chance to experiment with every meal.

Stand Mixer Tools

A standard food mixer consists of a mixing bowl that fits into a secure stand, with an arm to fit various attachments to. A handful of tools are always included with a food mixer purchase to create a home cook’s ultimate basic package.

The main tool that comes with a stand mixer is the beater attachment. Usually a handheld utensil that is used to incorporate soft ingredients, a food mixer beater can carry out the initial stages of a recipe far quicker than doing it by hand. The beater attachment can be used to create perfectly smooth and light cake batters every time.

Another basic tool included with the majority of food mixers is the balloon whisk. It is mainly used for whisking egg whites and due to the shape and size of the attachment, it can create soft or stiff peaks with both a small and larger amount of eggs.

A dough hook tool is also included with most food mixers. Bread makers will understand the relief this attachment gives – it drastically cuts down the usually lengthy kneading time required for dough.

Liquidisers and glass blenders are sometimes part of the standard purchase of advanced mixers, especially useful for soups, sauces and breakfast smoothies! As well as these basic attachments, some stand mixers come with additional tools that can be used for other kitchen tasks. If you want to blend drinks, mince meat, churn ice cream and take your meals to another level of culinary genius, a more advance model could be for you. If these extras are not an added bonus with your standard purchase, most mixer brands offer a range of attachments to purchase separately.

What tasks can a Food Mixer perform?

Most mixers now come with tools to carry out cooking tasks that would traditionally be labour intensive chores. Most people use food mixers for beating, kneading and whisking. Popular recipes to create with a stand mixer include cake batters, bread dough and meringues. With the aid of an all-in-one mixing machine, preparing food and creating recipe bases can be an enjoyable part of the cooking process. Instead of spending hours working your ingredients by hand, you can instead choose to let a machine do the heavy lifting for you.

Traditional food mixers provide the tools and power needed to cream together greasy ingredients, such as butter and sugar to begin a cake batter. Using the whisk attachment, a food mixer can whip cream to a thick consistency and whisk egg whites completely effortlessly. Food mixers can also take the effort out of bread making by stretching, pulling and kneading dough.

Popular Stand Mixer Brands

If you’re already in the loop when it comes to the cooking industry and the latest kitchen gadgets, you’ll know that these brands are leaders in the field: Kenwood, KitchenAid and Bosch ….and for very good reason! Producing some of the most sought after gadgets, utensils and machines for home cooks as well as professionals, these brands are serious about cooking.

Kenwood have been creating mixers since the mid-1900s. They have an extensive range of food preparation machines and continue to add to their line. From their standard food mixer range to the more advance Kenwood machines, each of their mixers offers quality and efficiency for passionate cooks. With style and a splash of colour included, you really can’t go wrong with a Kendwood food mixer.

KitchenAid are a veteran of the food mixer world – they created their first mixing machine in the early 1900s. Now, they produce everything from the basic starter bundle for beginners up to machines with all the bells and whistles. Easy to use and highly functional, a KitchenAid food mixer goes a long way in a home kitchen.

In comparison, Bosch is the new kid on the block. Their food mixers exude modern style whilst providing the necessary tools to whip up traditional recipes and experimental contemporary cookery.

Find out more about the latest and greatest machines from these brands and more on our food mixer reviews pages.