Battle of the Budget Stand Mixers – Our Top Picks

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As more and more people become interested in baking, the market for mixers has slowly become flooded. So, how do you know what options would work best for you and your family? Do you really need a huge, high-priced mixer if you just make the occasional birthday cake? What if you bake your own bread at home, and want a mixer who can knead your dough? Don’t worry! If you read the list below, you can narrow your options based on availability, style, price, and features. Soon, you’ll find the mixer of your (and your kitchen’s) dreams!

Russel Hobbs Aura Hand and Stand Mixer

Russell Hobbs Aura Food Mixer

Price: £49.99

Though at the cheaper end of the scale, the Russel Hobbs Aura Hand and Stand Mixer is still a great option for those looking for a way to mix batters and dough’s with little effort. This mixer comes with five speed settings, so that you can choose the precise one you need for whatever recipe you’re following. Need a little bit of an extra kick? There’s a turbo mode for that!

The hardware on this mixer is excellent, as well. It has a deep bowl, with a capacity of 3.5 liters. That’s more than enough to hold an average person’s cake batter or bread dough! For mixing outside of the included bowl, the mixer separates into a hand-held unit. This is great for those who need both a stand mixer and a portable hand mixer; it’s a two for one! All parts are completely dishwasher safe. This is especially important to those who are looking for a convenient option. If you’re worried about aesthetics, don’t be! This mixer is a stylish white and a matte black, allowing it to blend seamlessly with almost any kitchen.

Goodqol 6 Speed Stand Mixer

Goodqol Food Mixer

Price: £39.99

This is the cheapest mixer on the list, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t perform well! This is a good option for someone who is fairly new to baking and wants to their kitchen set up as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Goodqol 6 Speed Stand Mixer is perfect for everyday beating, kneading, and mixing tasks. It comes equipped with two attachments, a set of dough hooks and a set of dual beaters. These are the basics that most people will need. It also has a deep stainless steel bowl that can hold up to three liters, which should be more than enough to handle what you could throw at it! It has six speeds available, so it always has the speed that your mixing calls for.

Its aesthetics are certainly unique and pleasing. It comes with a retro look that is straight from yesteryear. The bright red and faux chrome accents are sure to bring a pop of color and life into your kitchen!

Morphy Richards Accents Folding Stand Mixer

Morphy Richards 400401 Folding Food Mixer

Price: £99.99

This is one of the more expensive mixing options in the budget category, but is certainly worth the price! The Morphy Richards Accents Folding Stand Mixer is a great choice for someone who needs all of the power of a normal stand mixer, but is low on the space needed to store it. This food mixer, which is powerful enough to handle all of your mixing needs, can fold down to approximately a third of its size, making storage a breeze! This is perfect for the connoisseur who happens to live in a small space.

Just because the Accents mixer is compact and easily stored doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack the power to do what it’s needed for. It runs on 300 Watts, and has a six peed setting for whatever you need it for. Its bowl can hold a whopping 3.5 liters of your dough, eggs, icing, batter, or whatever else you’re making! It also comes with dishwasher safe attachments, including cake beaters, whisks, and pasty dough hooks. And its pleasant cream-colored exterior blends in well with almost any style or décor!

Kenwood Chefette

Kenwood Chefette Stand Mixer

Price: £69.99

Are you looking for the durability and trust that comes with purchasing from a well-known brand, but want a reasonable price? Then you should consider purchasing the Kenwood Chefette! This mixer is produced by Kenwood, famous for its kitchen supplies (including the very famous and popular Chef mixer). Because of that, you can count on its ability to perform. Best of all, you’re getting this reliability on a budget!

This is a mixer that is great for someone who needs a little bit of everything. It is an excellent stand mixer, with five speeds to choose from and a deep bowl that can hold up to 3 liters. To keep from making a mess, it even comes with a splash guard! But, if you need something portable, it can also pop out and be a hand-held mixer. The Chefette comes with two beater attachments and two dough hook attachments, what most people need in a mixer. If you’re worried about the look, don’t be: The Chefette is sleek and stylish, and will be a welcome addition to your kitchen’s décor.

Breville SHM2 Twin Hand and Stand Mixer

Breville SHM2 Stand MIxer

Price: £64.99

This is probably the mots complex mixer on this list. The Breville SHM2 Twin Hand and Stand Mixer has many features built into it, making it an excellent option for those who do a lot of baking or who want to leave the guesswork out of their cooking. Foodies, experts and beginners alike, will love it!

One of the most unique features of the SHM2 is the addition of twin motors. While one motor works the whisks (or other attachments), another motor rotates the bowl. This allows for better, more efficient mixing or kneading. These motors are powerful, and run on 380 Watts. There are ten speeds available, so you can fine tune what you need for each individual recipe. The attachments that come with it are all-inclusive, as well, providing you with everything you could need. There is are two beaters, two whisks, two dough-hooks, and one spatula. These are all stainless steel, for durability and easy cleanup. If you’re looking for a more portable option, then don’t fret: It can be used as a portable hand mixer!

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