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Give me a break. This is the wail heard around the world when a special occasion is on the horizon and you have a million non-kitchen tasks on your to-do list and and a loved one’s favorite birthday cake with buttercream icing to prepare, along with an extravagant meal.

Well along the comes AEG KM4000 food mixer to do just that – give you a break from kitchen drudgery so you can whip up that chicken mousse for an appetizer, a special sauce for your roast, the dough for your homemade bread, and the batter and icing for that towering cake. All without breaking a sweat.

The AEG KM4000 UltraMix Kitchen Machine, here in eye-catching Watermelon Red, is not just another pretty stand mixer. The KM4000 comes with the standard bells and whistles you would expect of a high-end kitchen appliance, but it doesn’t stop there. Rather than being satisfied with producing a top quality stand alone electric mixer, AEG has fashioned the KM4000 with the option to be the true assistant we all need in the kitchen. You can add on attachments from their list of options to help with chores such as making pasta and grinding meats, which any production cook needs to produce a wide variety of homemade treats for a crowd. But let’s get down to the specifics of how this UltraMix Machine can make your life ultra easy.



AEG Ultramix Stand Mixer

Do you need a mixer to shred a cooked chicken breast to bite-size, even pieces for a salad without turning it into mush? Do you bake cookies chock full of your family’s favorite ingredients that melt in their mouths but require a session at the gym to bulk up your biceps before you’re ready to tackle the heavy dough’s? Are you famed for your mile-high souffles that raise your blood pressure, hoping you can get the egg whites to fluff up enough as you’re beating them?

If you answer yes to even one of these questions then you will appreciate the power of the 1000W motor that can effortlessly whip delicate egg whites, churn the stiffest cookie dough and incorporate ALL the ingredients, and handle all the yeoman tasks of beating, churning, and whipping whether on high speed or low, whether you’re working with fragile ingredients such as double cream or sturdy meat and vegetables for a mash. Plus, that 1000W beauty will keep on going long into the next generation because it is built to last.


AEG Ultramix

The key to accomplishing the complicated tasks of preparing a festive meal or loading up on holiday treats for gifts by dedicating a full day of baking on the weekend is organisation and control. You want to get yourself in and out of the kitchen with a minimum of fuss with perfectly prepared items. The 10 speeds on the AEG KM4000 helps you do just that. Do you need just a few whirls of a whisk to emulsify a topping to the perfect consistency? Instead of hunting through your kitchen catch-all drawer for a hand whisk, turn the AEG on low and presto, it’s done. Then turn it up to medium for a perfect cake batter, but slow it down just a touch when you add the last portion of flour so you don’t over-beat. All easily done with the touch of a button.

Makers of electric food mixers tout the number of speeds on their machines, but unless the speed button is response to the touch and can move from slow to fast and back again easily, with many grades in between, they don’t do you much good. You can have confidence that the 10 speeds on the AEG is a true kitchen helper with reliable exceptional results day in and day out, year in and year out.

LED Light

If you’re doing a double take thinking you’ve somehow gotten to an auto review, don’t worry, you are still in the right place. AEG has provided the ingenious attachment of a light that allows you to see clearly what’s taking place in your bowl. That’s right, when you’re not sure if all the butter has been absorbed into the icing or the meat has shredded to the right consistency or the egg whites in the bottom of the bowl are whisking, especially if your counter is in a slightly shadowy corner of your kitchen, just switch on the light and you’ll have a clear look at the progress of your recipe. Ingenious, right?


AEG Ultramix Attachments

To an accomplished cook, the inclusion of a flat beater, whisk and dough hook to perform the routine tasks expected of a stand mixer is a no-brainer. But for those who are starting their culinary journey and may still feel slightly challenged in the kitchen, one look at the flat beater with the weird paddle thingies in the middle won’t look anything like a mixing spoon. But that is exactly what it is designed to replace. These three attachments will help you prepare an intimate meal for 2 or a blowout party for 20.

Whoever designed this mixer was either a cook or loved a cook because they include the essential kitchen tool, a second bowl a splash guard.

In The Box

  • 1 x AEG UltraMix kitchen machine KM4000
  • Instruction manual
  • Whisk
  • Dough Hook
  • Splash guard


  • Item Weight: 9 Kg
  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 37 x 36 cm
  • Capacity: 4.8 litres
  • Volume Capacity: 46 litres


Basically everything. Especially the ability to add attachments by Electrolux.


It has a high price point but this is a machine that will last not just for years but for decades.


Comparison shopping would lead you to the Bosch Kitchen Machine, in a less stylish design. It does have a food-processor-like attachment but no second bowl and no option to add a pasta maker, slicer or meat grinder. Furthermore, the Cooks Professional is currently flying off the shelves, due to its great price tag and host of features.


When you can afford this price point, this is your machine, hands down.


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