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Whether you’re an avid baker, a gourmet chef, or a novice cook the Bodum UK Bistro food mixer deserves more than just a brief look. With the cool breezes of autumn turning our thoughts to hearty homemade breads and rolls, holiday cakes with decorative icings, flavoured butter creams and elaborate meringues to dazzle family and friends, you’ll find you need an extra hand in the kitchen to juggle all the recipes that jump out at you from the pages of your favorite cookery magazines. But why hire an assistant when the Bodum food mixer is at your disposal 24/7? This snazzy fire engine red model with the unique transparent head is the ideal appliance for any kitchen, adapting to any baking or mixing task with ease, from whipping egg whites to a light froth for a soufflé to blending ground meats for a savoury pie. And by the way, you can also whip up the pastry for that pie in this stand mixer, cutting down on the time you spend on that labour-intensive chore as well. Let’s take a look at the features that make this unit such a great value..


Bodum Food Mixer

Usually the fashion appeal of a kitchen appliance doesn’t get much notice in a product review. However, the Bodum’s unique eye-catching design alone is enough to earn a place on your kitchen counter. As mentioned above, the transparent cover for the mixer’s head immediately brands it as a Bodum, known for quality, efficiency and value. Definitely a culinary fashion accessory.


But as they say in the auto biz, it’s what’s under the hood that counts. And when it comes to delivering the muscle for every type of baking preparation, from whipping up tricky butter creams, whisking delicate cream puff pastries right through to mixing up your favourite cake batters, the Bodum’s seven powerful speed settings and orbital rotation lets you tackle any cooking task.

Accessibility-Lift Assist Head

If you’ve used a big mixer before, you know that having access to your ingredients when you need to stir that spoonful of vanilla into the batter or give a mixture one last stir by hand is all but impossible if you have to work around the paddle or whisk. Not with the Bodum! The entire hood retracts, leaving the bowl and its contents available for you to stir and taste at will. The lift-assist head locks into place during use and releases easily with the touch of a lever.


The enormous balloon whisk will whip egg whites into a mountain of meringue and your double cream into a thick creamy topping for desserts. The paddle beater will handle meat mixtures, cookie dough’s and cake batters, while the dough hook will knead your breads and rolls to a smooth, malleable consistency, without you lifting a finger–except to flip the switch on the side of the machine. All the attachments are non-stick coated and dishwasher safe so cleanup is a breeze.

The 4.7L, 160 oz stainless steel bowl is large enough to hold any recipe without the mixture spilling over the top. Why mention the weight? Because this bowl is solid enough to stay put in its slot and not accumulate dents over time. And something not seen in most electric stand mixers, this bowl not only offers a large handle, but it is rubber coated for comfort and convenience. You’ll appreciate this added feature when you’re pouring heavy mixtures and transporting them from one counter to another. Ouch, those tiny steel handles pinch, don’t they?

The unit comes with a splash guard that not only prevents ingredients, particularly flour and powdered sugar, from spilling into the air or onto your clothes and counter top, but it has a wide enough mouth to allow adding of ingredients while in use.

Concerned that this machine will go crawling across the counter when you have it churning away at top speed? Many do, as you probably know. Well, not to worry. Four suction feet keep the stand mixer firmly in place no matter how hard it’s working.


To put your mind at ease, the Bodum UK Bistro comes with a 2-year warranty.


Dimensions: 34.3 cm x 23.4 cm x 39.7 cm
Item Weight: 7.3 kg

In The Box

  • 1 x Bistro Stand Mixer
  • 1 x Non-stick Coated Dough Hook Attachment
  • 1 x Non-stick Coated Beater Attachment
  • 1 x Non-stick Coated Whisk Attachment
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl


Reliability, functionality, the lift-assist head, and unique styling make this electric mixer stand out from the crowd.


While overall, users are very happy with this product, a very few complain about quality compared to higher priced models.


If you are a comparison shopper, have a look at the KitchenAid K45SS. The classic styling of this 4.5L model is instantly recognizable, as it is been featured in many top cookery shows for decades. Definitely a market leader with little to complain about–except the price. Gulp! At more than twice the price of the Bodum and with basically the same features, many people buy the Kitchen Aid for the name, while Bodum owners find their food mixer performs just as well, with a bit of an advantage in the style department. Full disclosure: the KitchenAid does offer the option of add-on attachments, such as pasta makers and meat grinders, all at a hefty price.

At the other end of the spectrum, the more budget-friendly Andrew James 1300 Watt includes 2 Year Warranty, splash guard and a large 5.2 litre bowl. It also offers many of the features of the Bodum, including three attachments and an 800W motor (it only goes up to 1300 on pulse), but it doesn’t have the lift-assist head, which is a real time saver on the Bodum, nor the 21st Century styling.

Lastly, the Cooks Professional comes with a big, strong 800W motor, huge 5 litre mixing bowl and a exterior design that really looks impressive.


For the money, the Bodum UK Bistro Electric Mixer is one of the best values in a mid-range mixer, especially when you factor in the unique styling. Customer satisfaction consistently supports this view.


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