Bosch Maxximum Kitchen Machine Reviewed

  • Powerful 1600W motor with 7 speed settings
  • Unique 3D Planetary mixing action
  • Sensor control for automatic mixing
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Firstly, Bosch is a trusted brand name that has been in business since 1886 and in the kitchen product market for over seventy five years. A byword for quality, engineering and expertise, this company are known for producing high quality products that are built to last. Therefore, when it comes to the new Maxximum Kitchen Machine, you can rest assured that not only will it transform the way you prepare and cook meals, it will also last a lifetime.

This new offering from Bosch is on the very edge of being professional class equipment, and while you do pay a little more for the undeniable quality, if you’re a keen baker or cook the machine will very quickly pay for itself.

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It has suction pads on the base so the product does not travel when it’s in use. It’s easy to use, powerful and it looks very professional.


It is rather heavy and not easy to move around the kitchen workspace and some of the accessories are machine specific, so they cannot be used on other models.

Capacity and Size

bosch maxximumSo, what do we think about the Maxximum Kitchen Machine mixer? Firstly, its sleek, stylish and contemporary design looks fantastic in any keen chef or baker’s kitchen and is certain to draw the attention of your guests. With a capacity of 5.4 litres, it may sound absolutely huge, but it actually fits very snugly on a regular surface amongst the devices and other kitchen tools that you probably already own.


At 1600 watts it is one of the most powerful machines on the market but happily it doesn’t sound like a concrete mixer on full pelt. There are many other brands who are producing much louder products and we have indeed tested less powerful machines that make a great deal more racket.


This stand mixer is available in granite, grey/chrome or silver titanium, so you can select a colour that fits the decor and style of your kitchen. Buying a blender, juicer, slicer, shredder etc. separately would cost a small fortune. Fortunately, it’s all included with the Bosch Maxximum Kitchen Machine.

You may not realise that your existing device is performing less efficiently until you compare it to this one. It can actually be a bit of a revelation! It comes with basic instructions and they’re worth a read to get the most from the machine. However, a regular and experienced mixer user would be able to work out how to troubleshoot and use it effectively almost immediately, due to the simple and clear controls.


This food mixer has over 120 functions and there is a clip on funnel so that ingredients can be added directly to the mix while not being in the path of the stirring tool. The controls are set conveniently on the side and there are three different power outlets on this model, one for blending, beating and slicing/grating.kenwood maxximum


A whisk, ‘the absolute stirrer’, dough hook and bladed rubber beater are included with this product. These attachments are easy to add or remove and are of a very high quality. They should fit in the bowl between uses if that’s where you choose to store them. Additional there are a wide range of additional attachments that you can purchase separately and add to this mixer, quickly and easily.

Incidentally, to use the liquidiser function on this machine headroom is required, as it stands at approximately 60cm or 23.6 inches high, so it probably can’t be used on a worktop under a cupboard.


As it is a heavy mixer, it is better to leave it on the worktop, rather than storing it in a cupboard and removing it each time you want to use it. If you do plan on moving your mixer around, you may want to consider the very lightweight Kenwood KM283 instead. The suction pads which are indispensable during use also have a ferocious grip when the machine needs to be relocated for any reason, so if you do plan on storing it elsewhere, you will need all of your strength!


The Bosch MaxxiMUM Kitchen Machine has sensing technology so the mixing head adapts during mixing to guarantee consistent action, which is something of a technological breakthrough. It really does the thinking for you!

It gives an enviable lift to meringues and cakes, thanks mainly to the 45 degree mixing angle, which adds plenty of air to each mix. When mixing the dry ingredients for bread making you can start with the dough hook rather than the stirrer attachment. I found it best to start at “one” and move the speed up, rather than select a higher setting to begin with.
The pastry this machine produced was of excellent quality, surpassing our expectations. For this, we have the hook attachment to thank, which angles itself and reaches right into the corners of the bowl, for maximum effect and efficiency.

You can experiment merrily with this machine, tackling doughs, cakes, meringues, creams, coleslaws, mayonnaise and much more. The stand mixer is up to almost any challenge and certainly didn’t disappoint us when we were putting it through its paces.

The marvellous 3D Planetary mixing accessory moves the blades in three directions simultaneously, beyond perfect for making bread. Plus, the shredder and four disks are great for producing food in exact, specific sizes.

Conclusion and Where to Buy the Bosch Maxximum Kitchen Machine

We enjoyed using the Maxximum immensely. Although it probably isn’t something that the occassional baker should opt for, due to its high price tag and incredible range of features, it is indeed a mixer than sits at the very top of the pile when it comes to performance and style. If you are an avid cook or baker and know that you can give the machine the attention it deserves, it will provide you with the tools you need to step up your baking game and produce treats that will surpass what you have created up until now.

In a word: Phenomenal.