Bosch MUM59340GB Kitchen Machine Food Mixer Reviewed

  • Includes 10 attachments
  • Very powerful 1000W motor with 7 speed settings
  • Large 3.9 litre bowl
  • 3D multi-motion drive
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The Bosch MUM59340GB Kitchen Machine is a powerful food mixer that looks stunning, with high quality parts, a bunch of useful functions and an exterior appearance that is simply beautiful. With an incredible 10 attachments included with this machine, you’ll be armed with everything you need to tackle even the most complex food preparation tasks.

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  • Includes 10 attachments
  • Very powerful 1000W motor with 7 speed settings
  • Large 3.9 litre bowl
  • 3D multi-motion drive


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Performance and Attachments

This mixer is definitely one of the most powerful machines that we have ever reviewed, with a 1000W motor generating all of the juice required to mix just about anything. We are talking about big batches with lots of ingredients here, with a bowl capacity of 3.9 litres that will allow you to prepare mixes for large groups of people, instead of just a few friends or the immediate family. Bosch have built 7 speed settings into this machine, so you have a huge amount of control over the consistency and can avoid any unwanted clumps of unmixed ingredients. As an added bonus, you get a special ‘Pulse’ function that slowly pulses all of the ingredients, instead of continually mixing them, which is great for ensuring that you don’t over-process your food.

Bosch MUM59340GB Kitchen MachineYou get three mixing attachments in the box with this machine; a creamer, dough hook and a whisk, which will allow you to prepare just about anything. However, what is really great about this package is the fact that you get an additional 7 attachments, which turn this product into an all-round kitchen workhorse, rather than just a standard stand mixer. This includes a blender, which is perfect for making tasty smoothies and milkshakes in just a few seconds, and a citrus press, which will extract all of the goodness from fruits and remove the unwanted pips and seeds. Furthermore, you also get a shredder/ slicer as well as a mincer, which will tackle all kinds of meats and vegetables and really cut down the time it takes to get meals ready. It really is amazing when you consider the sheer amount of jobs that this mixer can handle!

All of the attachments are dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about the agonising chore of hand washing all of the fiddly parts, once the mixing has been completed. Instead, simply unclip and pop straight into your dishwasher, to be used again at a later date.

Now because this machine is so powerful, we were interested to see how stable it would be when running on its highest speed setting. Well, we are happy to report that, thanks to the rubber suction feet located on the bottom, it was completely stationary and experienced absolutely no movement whilst whizzing away. This means that you don’t have to keep a watchful eye on the product whilst it is in operation, freeing up your time to get on with another kitchen or household jobs.

In terms of the quality of the finished mix, we found it to be very good and this is mainly due to the 3D multi-motion mixing action that ensures the attachments rotate to the very edge of the bowl, in an elliptical motion. This basically means that all of the ingredients are mixed together extremely thoroughly, avoiding unwanted clumps that have escaped the path of the attached tool. The whisk attachment even has a flexible silicon edge that maintains contact with the bowl at all times. These are premium features that set this machine apart from the cheaper products on the market.Bosch MUM59340GB Kitchen Machine

Additional Accessories

Also included in the box is a complimentary DVD with a bunch of useful tips on how to operate the machine effectively, as well as some cooking guides and recipe ideas. Bosch have gone to great lengths to ensure that the customer is armed with everything they need to get cracking straight away with this mixer and we were impressed with this little add-on. You also get a useful accessory bag that you can store all of the attachments in, which is useful as it avoids accidentally misplacing one or two and having to turn your kitchen upside down looking for them!


In terms of noise, this mixer is incredibly quiet, even when it is running at its highest speed setting. It is very common for most stand mixers (especially the cheaper ones) to generate such a racket that it is impossible to hold a conversation whilst they are running but with this machine, that is not the case. This is particularly advantageous for those who have open-plan kitchen/living rooms in their homes, who want to avoid disturbing other members of the family or roommates, whilst they are mixing.

Conclusion and Where to Buy the Bosch MUM59340GB

In conclusion, the Bosch MUM59340GB Kitchen Machine is an all-round mixing, blending, slicing and juicing workhorse that has been designed with practicality, as well as style, in mind. If you decide to purchase one it’ll take pride of place amongst your kitchen equipment and will inject new life into your kitchen based adventures.


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