Breville SHM2 Stand/ Hand Combination Mixer Reviewed

  • Ability to switch between fixed and handheld use
  • Extremely good value for money
  • Includes three attachments
  • Rotating bowl feature
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The Breville SHM2 Combination mixer enters the market at the very lowest end of the price scale, competing with the hugely popular Andrew James AJ000194, and offers incredible value for money for the amateur baker. This machine offers the stability of a stand mixer, as well as the convenience of a hand mixer, all in one package and is perfect for the occasional amateur baker. It’s easy to see why it is currently one of the best selling combination mixers in the UK, with high quality parts making a surprise appearance, for such a cheap machine.

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  • Ability to switch between fixed and handheld use
  • Extremely good value for money
  • Includes three attachments
  • Rotating bowl feature


  • Only allows for 1kg of ingredients
  • Splash guard not included

Attachments and Accessories

Breville SHM2 Hand MixerThere are three mixing attachments that are included with nearly all mixer machines that will enable you to tackle all of the regular baking tasks and the Breville SHM2 has all three in it’s box ready to go; the stainless steel beater, dough hook and whisk. With these attachments you can knead bread, whisk egg whites and mix batter without the need for any elbow grease. As an added bonus, you get two of each attachment, which is great for when you have a lot of mixing jobs on your list and don’t want to have to wash them in between mixes. We found all of these attachments very easy to insert and more than adequate at performing the jobs they were designed for.

One of the common annoyances associated with using mixer machines is the fact that sometimes thick, sticky ingredients can cling to the top of the bowl whilst the mixer is working, which can result in an inconsistent final mix. Fortunately, Breville have provided us with a handy flexible spatula that can be used to push such ingredients back into the flow. It is also a useful tool for removing the finished mix from the bowl.

There is no splash guard included with the SHM2, which means that there is a slight risk of splashing yourself with the ingredients if you get a little too keen with the speed settings. However, you can overcome this by taking your time and selecting a lower setting because, afterall, you don’t want all of your work to end up on the kitchen floor instead of in the oven do you?


The bowl itself is quite small in size, with a capacity of only 3.2 litres, which is a little smaller than the average size when it comes to stand mixers. This inevitably means that you won’t be able to tackle huge amounts of ingredients so if you are looking for a machine that will make light work of preparing food for large groups of people, the Breville SHM2 probably isn’t the one for you. However, if you only need mixes big enough for small families or individuals, don’t sweat it because this machine can still prepare mixes up to 2 litres (liquid) or 1kg (dry). Furthermore, if you do end up having to prepare a large mix you can always make a couple of batches separately and then combine them afterwards.

Breville SHM2 Controls

Power and Performance

The motor powering this little combination mixer is only 380W, which is less powerful than the average food mixer and indeed the reason why it can’t handle huge loads. However, it is important to remember that this machine also doubles up as a hand mixer, which in general are usually powered by much smaller motors, so it is perhaps a good compromise.

One thing we really love about the mixing style of this machine is the fact that the bowl and the attachment rotate in opposite directions, allowing the ingredients to be directed towards the attachment and creating a far superior mix at the end. This function is often called ‘Planetary Mixing Action’ and is usually found included with the higher end machines. It should therefore be seen as a huge advantage to a mixer that is perhaps the cheapest on the market today.

Controlling the speed of the mix is easy with the SHM2, with 10 speeds to choose from on the top of the hand mixer unit. You can easily switch between 5 settings for both ‘HI’ and ‘Lo’ using your thumb, meaning that you won’t end up with any messy accidents or poorly mixed ingredients. Unfortunately there is no ‘Pulse’ speed setting incorporated into this machine but this is hardly surprising when you consider the incredibly low price tag.

Noise and Size

The operating volume could certainly not be described as being quiet and you would definitely struggle to hear someone speak whilst this machine is running. However, for the short amount of time that it is likely to be in operation, this is a downside that can be overlooked easily because it is just so darn cheap! In terms of size it is definitely on the smaller size, which is great for those who don’t have much room in their kitchens and want a mixer that will slide into a compact, discreet cupboard. Furthermore, it is also very light (3kg) so again, very easy to pick up and move around if and when you should need to do so.


Style is always an important factor when buying anything for the home and we happen to think that this machine looks fantastic. The white plastic exterior is very neutral (also available in cream) and will match nearly all colour schemes, which is great if you plan on leaving it in its own spot on your worksurface.

Conclusion and Where to Buy

In conclusion the Breville SHM2 is a small little mixing machine that packs a powerful punch. Armed with all the attachments you need for most mixing challenges, you’ll be making delicious cakes and scrummy desserts in no time at all, for a price that is so cheap it is almost absurd. if you’re just getting into baking or simply want a mixer to prepare batches for small groups of people, this is the one for you.


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