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If heaven has a kitchen there’s probably a Cuisinart SM-70BC somewhere on the celestial counter. Some might say that’s the only place you’d find enough cash to pay for it. No arguing that this is a high ticket item, but for the serious home cook, this electric food mixer is a dream come true. From the large, deep bowl, the finely calibrated twelve speeds, to the unique three-outlet option to add power attachments, the SM-70BC is a full service kitchen appliance.

While you can take on production baking or cooking for a crowd with this stand mixer, and I mean a really big crowd, with the power and capacity of this machine at your disposal, you might even consider it for your small catering or baking business or as a backup in your restaurant kitchen. But that’s not the major market for this workhorse. This is the machine you invest in when you want a reliable mixer at your side year in and year out. Rely on it to knead your bread dough’s, turn out complex pastries, prepare potato and vegetable mashes that would otherwise wear out your arms, cream icings for cakes, fold batters, whip meringues, frosting’s and souffles. The list of tasks the Cuisinart SM-70BC handles effortlessly is endless, and while you may experience sticker shock at first, it will pay for itself over and over as time goes on, saving you time and effort, allowing you to prepare feasts and mouthwatering treats you might not otherwise attempt.

Let’s take a closer look at a power mixer with more features than there are stars in the sky, or so it seems.


Cuisinart Food Mixer

The first number that stands out in the ads for this mixer is the 1000W motor. Tech nerds might get excited thinking this means the Cuisinart is going to be chewing up anything you throw in the bowl as though it were one of those appliances that eats your phone. But hold on. This isn’t a wild animal you’ll have to tame as you’re creating delicacies out of spun sugar. Don’t confuse wattage, the power consumed by the mixer, with torque, the ability to churn through heavy doughs without slowing down. An inefficient motor may use lots of watts, and still not give you the umph that would allow you to triple your cookie recipe. The beauty of this machine is that it has both torque and an efficient motor, meaning it can handle any task you ask of it.


The Cuisinart looked at the paltry speed options out there and raised theirs to 12. With a touch of the dial you can calibrate the mixer to adjust to any recipe from the gentlest creams to the hardiest meat mixtures. All speeds start low and gradually reach the desired speed so it doesn’t spew dry or wet ingredients all over you and the counter, but incorporate them gradually.


Of course, the Cuisinart comes equipped with a pulse option, for those times when you need to manually control the operation of the beater. But stay tuned. That’s not all it has.


The fold option on the Cuisinart is truly revolutionary. You know those cake recipes when you need just a touch more folding to incorporate the last addition of ingredients but you don’t want to over-beat for fear of ruining the texture? Well the fold option will give you one and a half revolutions as many times as you hit the button, for perfect results.

Automatic Shutoff Timer

Set the timer and go about your business while it kneads dough or turns eggs and sugar into smooth ribbons. It will turn off automatically at the precise time.


The standard whip, beater and dough hook may seem like run of the mill mixer attachments, but the dough hook has a cap that keeps dough from riding up into the mixer and the attachments are made of an easy-to-clean coating that is a time and mess saver.


Cuisinart Stand Mixer

What does it mean to have a 7 quart bowl at your disposal? For some home bakers it’s life changing. This sleek monster offers the ability to mix 15 cups of flour–how many loaves is that at one time? Three recipes of cookies, potatoes, meat mixtures. But it’s not just its size that will make life easier. The design, with its two handles for easy maneuvering and narrow bottom that allows the beater and whip to incorporate ALL of your mixture, makes this machine stand out.

Bowl Holder

Is this the official name for the little disk you place underneath the bowl before you tighten it? The instruction book doesn’t say. But don’t forget to use it because it will keep the metal bowl from seizing as you remove it, as steel bowls are wont to do over time. Brilliant, no?

Splash Guard

The splash guard attaches securely to the top of the head and fits snugly over the bowl to ingredients from spraying.


The mixer comes with a 3-year warranty and 5-year motor warranty, a mixing paddle that contours to the shape of the bowl, a DVD instruction manual and recipe book. It contains three ports for optional attachments such as a blender, pasta maker, and meat grinder.


Item Weight: 12 Kg
Product Dimensions: 39.4 x 27.9 x 36.8 cm


Where to begin? Power, precision, functionality and control, plus the reputation of a world leader in kitchen electronics.


It does not offer the wide range of add-on attachments that a few other mixers do.


The Bosch Maxximum Kitchen Machine, 5.4 L is the obvious competitor for the Cuisinart. It has name recognition, sturdy construction and many more optional attachments. However, the bowl size is slightly smaller but it is also a little cheaper.


The Cuisinart is just a step up in design, features and performance. At that price point, you want it all.


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