Duronic SM100 Stand Mixer: Reviewed

  • Very energy efficient
  • Great value for money
  • Compact size and user friendly
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The Duronic SM100 stand mixer enters the market at the lower end of the scale, competing with the hugely popular offering from Andrew James that is already providing great value for money to the consumer. However, with a motor that uses hardly any electricity, as well as a plethora of attachments and easy to use features, this has to be one of our favourite and most affordable machines to date.

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  • An energy efficient 450W motor
  • Includes plastic beater, stainless steel whisk and die cast dough hook
  • The mixing bowl comes with handles, making it user friendly and easy to move around
  • Compact size that will fit inside most kitchen cupboards, when not in use


  • It produces a fair amount of noise when in use
  • Low powered motor can add to mixing time, for large batches

Duronic SM100 Stand Mixer
Budget food mixers are something that we really enjoy reviewing here at foodmixitup because it is always interesting to see what the manufacturers can do, with such little money. The Duronic SM100 is certainly one of the cheapest machines on the market, so we were keen to see what it could do in the kitchen, and whether it truly offered a reliable and user friendly food preparation experience. So, let’s get into the details shall we?


Firstly, the motor powering this little machine could certainly not be described as powerful but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Firstly, a 450W motor is going to use far less electricity compared to some of the big boys on the market, who are powered by motors up to 1500W. Now you are probably concerned that this lack of power means that the machine will struggle with everyday mixing tasks but in reality, you couldn’t be more wrong. We tested it on medium sized mixes using all three attachments and it showed no signs of struggling whatsoever. However, it is worth noting that it was a little slow when we challenged it with a large mix, but this is to be expected and shouldn’t be an issue for the average sized family or individual user.


Duronic SM100 AttachmentsIn terms of attachments included with this stand mixer, you have everything you need to tackle the everyday mixing tasks, as well as some of the more complex ones that we all like to try our hands at now and again. Firstly, there is a die cast dough hook that will allow you to whip up dough for tasty, fluffy bread, without breaking a sweat. You also get a stainless steel balloon whisk, which you can use to mix lighter ingredients together and lastly a plastic beater, which is perfect for whipping ingredients like egg whites. All three attachment are easy to clip on and off, so much so that we could even do it with just one hand.


We were quite surprised by one aspect of this stand mixer when we initially opened the box, and that is the fact that it has a bowl made from Stainless Steel. Usually, the manufacturers try to save as much money as possible with their budget mixers and it is common to see plastic bowls included with machines in this price range. This should therefore be seen as a major advantage to this machine, as it inevitably means it will last longer and generally provide a more sturdy mixing base. As an added bonus, the bowl also includes a handle on the outside, making it incredibly easy to pick up and move around, without any risk of dropping all of the ingredients onto the floor! This is another feature that impressed us and even though it appears to be a simple and obvious feature, it is still uncommon even amongst the more expensive mixers.

Size and Appearance

In terms of appearance this thing looks great, with a sleek black style that is not too overbearing and neutral enough to not clash with the decor of your kitchen. There are mixers out there that are pretty flamboyant, painted with bright colours that ensure they are the first thing your guests see when they step inside your kitchen. However, we prefer something a little more understated and the exterior design of the Duronic SM100 is certainly that. It is also worth noting that it is quite compact in size, which is great for those with small kitchens and limited countertop space.


With cheaper mixers there is usually a downside relating to the amount of noise the machine produces when it is running and this is true with the Duronic. You will notice that it is fairly noisy when you are mixing your ingredients but really this has nothing to do with the actual ability of the machine, so should be labeled as a minor annoyance.

Conclusion and Where to Buy the Duronic SM100

The Duronic SM100 is not a machine that can tackle huge loads of ingredients, for large groups of people. It is a small mixer that is perfect for average sized families that want to tackle small to medium sized mixes. The small motor means that you won’t be adding to your electricity bill significantly and the sturdy, well-made parts and attachments are unlikely to break, even after many years of use. As long as you remember that this is a budget mixer and shouldn’t be worked too hard, you’ll quickly fall in love with this extremely affordable piece of kitchen kit.