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Graduating from a hand mixer, or heaven forbid, a wooden spoon and wire whisk, to a stand mixer definitely makes a statement about you as a cook. It means you’re ready to tackle more challenging dishes perhaps, such as fresh whipped double cream on your desserts instead of spraying something out of a can. Or whipping up a loved one’s favorite, hand decorated buttercream birthday cake instead of always stopping at the pastry shop for some overly sweet creation in garish colors. Or maybe you just like to fool everyone with a collection of well-worn aprons and a heavy duty but stylish kitchen fashion accessory on the counter while you secretly order take out? Whatever the reason for purchasing this essential kitchen appliance, the first question is: which one? Well, once you’ve settled on this price point, we believe, you can’t do better than the Excelvan 1000W. Let’s take a look..


What’s on the menu tonight? A minced meat pie, potato mash, chocolate soufflé, or a batch of fudge for the school bakeoff? The Excelvan comes equipped with the motor, bowl and attachments to deliver the goods on any recipe you desire.

Style and Function

The Excelvan gets style points for its sleek black exterior to compliment any traditional, modern or contemporary kitchen. Functionwise it’s easy to clean after a hard session churning cake batter or buttercream icing by a simple wipe with a damp cloth. No unnecessary knobs and buttons where sticky ingredients can lodge for you to slave over with toothpicks and tweezers before it’s clean.

The mixing head spins as it rotates completely inside the bowl, which means there are two actions to completely incorporate ingredients and mix them thoroughly. Additionally, you can lift the tilt-up head completely out of the way to access the bowl easily. Plus, the release catch works effortlessly and dependably.


The impressive 1000 watt motor will deliver enough muscle to beat the stiffest cookie doughs and knead your favorite yeast rolls without overheating or jamming. The five speed settings on a digital panel, each easily accessible with the press of a button–much easier to use than a dial–will give you more than enough control to gently whip two egg whites or beat the dickens out of ten pounds of potatoes for a crowd. Each of the speeds has an automatic cut off after a predefined period to prevent overheating.


Excelvan Stand Mixer

While power and functionality make the machine, it’s the attachments that act as your kitchen assistants. The Excelvan is equipped with a die-cast aluminum beater, die-cast aluminum dough hook and stainless steel wire whisk, offering you a wide range of blending, beating, whipping, mixing, and creaming options as you cook. Be assured, they are large enough to rotate completely around the bowl and reach into the bottom, so there is no unnecessary scraping on your part to make sure you recipe is properly mixed. Let’s take them one at a time:

Flat Beater

The beater is the work horse, the flat attachment that replaces a wooden spoon and does the hard work of mixing, beating and creaming. It’s unique design allows the ingredients to flow easily for thorough mixing.


The stainless steel wire balloon whisk is wide with many wires, designed to whip airy ingredients such as egg whites and cream.

Dough Hook

If you love fresh bread, homemade pizzas and pie crusts but hate the arm-breaking work, this die-cast aluminum dough hook is your new best friend. Say hello to fresh homemade yeast rolls, breakfast pastries and pizzas, which the Excelvan will whip up for you while you have your hands free for other tasks.


A large capacity, 5.5 litre stainless steel mixing bowl is ideal for large volume recipes that won’t spill onto your countertop. The bowl locks in place but is easily removed.

Excelvan Food Mixer

Splash Guard

The transparent splash guard with a wide ingredient chute will protect your worktop and mixing machine against messy drips, drops, and spills. It fits onto the lugs around the motor and covers the bowl perfectly. The large chute allows you to add extra ingredients even whilst the motor is running.

Suction Feet

It’s not unusual to find anti-slip feet on the bottom of a mixer. However, some powerful mixers can still pull away from the counter and go walking when they are on high speeds. The Excelvan is the first mixer to provide six anti-slip feet to ensure extra stability when the motor is on full power.


Dimensions: 380x250x350mm(14.96×9.84×13.78in)
Item Weight: 6kg/13pounds
Color: Black
Bowl Capacity: 5.5L
Bowl Material: Stainless steel
Power: 1000W
Voltage:220-240V, 50/60Hz
Housing Body Material: Plastic


  • Price Point
  • Functionality
  • Tilt head


  • The beater, dough hook and balloon whisk are NOT dishwasher safe

In The Box

  1. Beater
  2. Dough hook
  3. Balloon whisk
  4. User manual


For the sake of comparison you can take a look at a similar model, the VonShef 5.5 litre, which comes with an attractive 2 year free warranty. On the surface it would seem that the VonShef mixer would give the Excelvan a run for its money. It comes complete with a roomy 5.5L bowl, the standard beater, whisk, splash guard and dough hook. It also adds a dust cover, which is a nice feature if you want to cover up the beautiful exterior. But while it is a very good appliance, its advertised 1200W motor is a bit misleading. It only reaches top speed on the pulse function, which you wouldn’t use for sustained beating as for heavy minced meat mixtures or root vegetables. It has, in fact, an 800W motor, which you may find is not quite sufficient for every task.

Another good contender is the Cooks Professional stand mixer, which is a machine with impressive built quality and an agreeable price tag.


The Excelvan is a stylish, heavy duty food mixer with the power for the toughest jobs and control for the most delicate recipes.


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