Get in Gear with the Homegear Electric 1500W Food Mixer

  • Mixer wipes down easily
  • Easy to operate
  • Great value
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Is baking one of your hobbies? Then get in gear with the Homegear Electric 1500w Food Mixer. This mixer is charged with power and capabilities that will soon have you baking like a professional. Designed for performance, this food mixer has a modern design; the chrome trim gives it a professional look. This heavy duty mixer will be your guide as you mix up everything from cakes and cookies to breads and pastries. Equipped with the right accessories, this mixer is what you have always dreamed of for your kitchen.

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What’s in the Box

  1. Main mixing unit.
  2. Large 5 litre Stainless Steel bowl.
  3. Mixing Blade/Paddle: A single beater blade designed for completely mixing all your ingredients smoothly.
  4. Whisk: A single whisk attachment for whisking up creams, sauces and meringues.
  5. Dough hook: A single, heavy duty dough hook used to mix and knead bread dough.
  6. Removable transparent bowl cover: keeps your flour and batter from splashing out.
  7. 12 month warranty against parts and labour.

At face value this mixture looks like any baker’s dream. But let us review the pros and cons to find out for sure:


  • Mixer wipes down easily
  • Easy to operate
  • Great value
  • Sturdy, well built


  • Attachments are not dishwasher safe
  • Continual scraping down the sides while mixing
  • Noisy
  • Outside of mixer is made of plastic

The pros seems to be very strong and positive; the cons are valid, but not overwhelmingly negative enough to knock this mixer off your list. All in all, it appears this mixer is a great choice incorporating value and a sturdy, well built machine.


Homegear Electric 1500W Food Stand Mixer

Every baker most likely has their “go to” attachments and requirements in a mixer set. This set comes with many of the standards, and some extras to boot:

Tilt Head Design

This mixer has a tilting head that raises up while the bowl stays in place. This allows you to add ingredients easily, remove the bowl efficiently, and gives you space to work. The tilting head can be locked in place while the mixer is running to prevent any “bucking up” that may happen with heavier dough.


Three fabulous designer colours – black, red and silver – chrome trim on all three colors give it that extra pizzazz to brighten up your kitchen. Colours that will blend in with any kitchen (silver); make a bold statement (black) or jazz up your kitchen (red). This is a mixer you will be proud to showcase on your cabinet.

Lock in Bowl

The bowl locks into the base to keep it sturdy for mixing; the bowl will not fall off the stand while the spinning attachments do their work during the mixing process.

Balloon Whisk

This wire whisk works great on liquids, sauces and beating eggs or cream. It does not work well on heavy mixes because there is a risk of bending the wires, which would make it ineffective when you want to mix lighter ingredients.

Mixing Blade/ Paddle

When you think of a paddle, it invites visions of a canoe paddle used to propel and steer the canoe. In the same way, this beater paddle steers the ingredients around the bowl until it is fully incorporated. It has strength to combine the ingredients of heavy mixes, cakes and cookies. It is perfect for creaming shortening and sugar.

Dough Hook

Primarily used for breads and pastries the dough hook is a work horse. It is designed to mix the bread ingredients on a slow speed and then knead the dough on a medium speed. The dough is complete when it starts to wrap around the hook and can easily be pulled from the sides. The dough hook will save your hands and arms from the kneading process. It can also be used for a prop if you have to play Captain Hook!

Homegear Electric 1500W Food Stand Mixer

Six Speeds

A large, convenient dial is located on the front of the mix to make it easy to choose one of the six variable speeds allowed for different mixing, based on type of dough. High speed for whipped creams and such; lower speed for folding and gently mixing; and intermediate speeds for longer term mixing for added blending.


The pulse give an extra burst of energy to your mixer to help you smooth out your ingredients. The pulse feature will run while you are holding the button and stop when you release the button. This gives you a little more control over how much your particular mix is chopped up or smoothed.


This mixer turns off automatically after running on high for ten minutes and will restart after a 5 minute rest.


This mixer utilises up to 800w of power when on sustained mixing; it reaches the 1500w max during the pulse mode, when you need more power to break through stiffer dough and mixes. High performance when you need and steady performance for regular mixing.

Planetary Mixing Action

The attachments turn on their own revolution and the whole mechanism also turns, giving it a dual action spin.


The dimensions are not overly large; just right for the perfect kitchen; 39.5cm (L) x 23.1cm (W) x 37.7cm (H).


Whether mixing up a light fluffy soufflé or a dense yummy rye bread this mixer can handle it all. If you do a lot of baking and need a powerful machine that will go the distance with you, this could be your machine. All you need to provide are the recipes and the ingredients – let the mixer do the heavy lifting. Get it in gear with Homegear.


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