Goodqol Food Mixer Reviewed – 6 Speed 3 Litre

  • Tilt head for easy access to bowl
  • 4 non-slip rubber feet
  • 6 variable speeds
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There’s always something: a birthday, family reunion, binge night with the gang watching your favorite shows. These are only a few of the occasions when another pair of hands would come in handy in the kitchen, or better yet, a dependable food mixer to make light work of baking your favorite pastries, breads, and pizzas for the gang. The Goodqol 6 Speed is up to the task.


Why choose a stand mixer if you have a food processor? While a food processor is a necessary appliance for any well-appointed kitchen, it’s not a do-all, be-all kitchen assistant. Sure, it will puree soups and sauces to a silky sheen, but the motor is just too fast for many tasks. Try to mash potatoes, for example, in a food processor and it releases too much starch and produces a consistency similar to library paste. A stand mixer, however, will break up boiled potatoes and puree them to the perfect consistency before you even add butter or cream.

Yes, a processor can chop, but can it whip egg whites? Gently fold a cake batter? Not in a month of Sundays. But that’s not all.

Food mixers offer the benefit of freeing up your hands for other tasks while they knead bread and pizza dough’s or whip egg whites for angel food cakes. You don’t have to guide the beaters around the bowl as you cream eggs and sugar for your birthday cake, instead you can be measuring out the flour or greasing the cake pans. The Goodol has style as well as sizzle, with its retro metallic red and chrome finish and variable speeds to give you ultimate control over your baking and mixing.

Non Slip Feet

A problem with mixers is that they can travel across the counter when you turn up the speed, but the Goodqol 6 Speed stays put, allowing you to focus on your task. Four non-slip feet grip the counter providing a safe, comfortable baking experience.

Tilt Release Head

Goodqol Tilt Head

Speed is of the essence when you have to get ingredients measured and mixed, pans prepared, and your oven the right temperature to produce the perfect result. You don’t have time to remove beaters and fuss with the bowl when you need to test the consistency of your dough or batter. The Goodqol’s tilt head provides fast, easy access by just flipping the mixer head, check the bowl, and allowing you to drop it down for another few spins without any fuss or muss.


The Goodqol comes with two beaters for mixing waffle and cake batters, creaming sugar and butter for smooth icings and mashing root vegetables into sleek purees.

With the dough hooks you may not be able to knead your dense wheat breads, but you can definitely prepare light rolls and pizzas.

A roomy mixing bowl is an advantage in a mixer for the obvious reason that you can prepare double batches without the mixture spilling over the top. However, an added reason to appreciate the Goodqol’s 3L roomy, stainless steel bowl is that it is deep enough so that your ingredients are less inclined to fly out of the bowl, but stay deep in the well.


At 250 watts, the Goodqol will provide you with enough muscle for your everyday baking needs, including creaming, whisking, and kneading. You won’t put off making labor-intensive mayonnaise, dips and sauces, or those cheesecakes that require long periods of beating to achieve creaminess when this mixer takes the effort out of your showstopper special dishes.


Goodqol Stand Mixer Speeds

Variable speed is what gives you control over the consistency of your mixtures, especially when you are mashing vegetables or need to increase speed slowly to make mayonnaise. The Goodqol delivers with 6 speeds from gentle folding of delicate cake batters to brisk whisking of egg whites for cloud-like meringues and souffles.


Dimensions: 29.1cm x 20.2cm x 26.5cm
Weight: 2.4 Kg


  • Style points for its 50’s retro red and chrome vibe
  • Ease of use
  • Tilt head for easy access to bowl
  • 4 non-slip rubber feet
  • 6 variable speeds


  • Not enough power for heavy bread dough’s


If you want to shop around before you settle on the Goodqol 6 Speed, take a look at the Excelvan 1000W Electric Food Stand Mixer with 5.5L Stainless Steel Bowl, Splash Guard and 3 Mixing Attachments-Beater, Dough Hook & Balloon Whisk. The first thing you’ll notice is that everything about this stand mixer is bigger: more power, bigger bowl, a splash guard and an extra attachment, a balloon whisk for generating even lighter than air creams and meringues. But with all those bells and whistles comes a bigger price tag. Much bigger compared to the economical Goodqol.

On the other hand, if you are after something that looks sleek, comes in a range of colours and can handle large capacity mixes, you should consider the Cooks Professional mixer, which has a very reasonable price tag also. However, if you are concerned with saving the pennies and spending as little as possible, check out our post detailing the best budget stand mixers on the market.


At this price point the Goodqol 3L electric mixer offers a solid small kitchen appliance. It’s motor is powerful enough to take the drudgery out of routine kitchen tasks, allowing the home cook to prepare favorite easy and complex dishes such as soups, sauces, desserts and savories with relative ease. The price point offers excellent value and the shiny red and chrome exterior will brighten any kitchen counter.


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