Kenwood Chefette HM680 Mixer Review

  • Powerful and functional enough for both novice and experienced home cooks
  • Detachable mixer head
  • Rotating bowl
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Who doesn’t love a twofer? And that’s what you get with the Kenwood HM680. This sparkling white mixer with its stainless steel bowl makes a fashion statement sitting on your kitchen counter, whether your décor is techno modern or cozy cottage retro. After you’ve put it through its paces as a food mixer whipping up pastries or bread dough, in the snap of a finger, you can pop off the mixer head and use it as a hand mixer to smooth out that sauce on the other side of the kitchen. And that’s not all. Let’s take closer look at this high value-low priced kitchen asset.


Does the name Kenwood ring a bell? It should. You may be more familiar with the world famous Kenwood Chef range. That same company also brings its well-deserved reputation for quality and functionality to a line of excellent, small kitchen appliances, giving the consumer confidence in their purchase before they even open the box.

Features of the Kenwood Chefette Hand Mixer

Chefette Food Mixer


Will it stand up to the job? At 350 watts of power the Kenwood will take the work out of making complex pastry doughs, mixing cake batters, whipping up batches of delicious biscuits and mashing vegetables. Dedicated hand mixers that cost the same or more only offer 220 watts of power if you’re lucky. And they don’t give you the option of putting them on a stand so you can focus on other tasks while the mixer is beating, creaming, and whisking your recipes.


The Kenwood conveniently offers 5 variable speeds from low to high to give you ultimate control over recipes as varied as whipping egg whites for a soufflé, vigorously incorporating eggs into a pate choux, or gently stirring the base of an ice cream mixture. But as any seasoned home cook knows, some tasks require a delicate touch and Kenwood has thought of everything, providing a pulse button for folding ingredients when stirring and mixing might overbeat your batter. The thumb operated speed control button is easily accessible.


If you don’t have live-in help you need up to the minute appliances to help you prepare delicious meals while juggling a busy schedule. Call on the Kenwood’s tools to help you do just that. While some users like the convenience of folding the Kenwood and storing it out of sight when not in use, another benefit of having a stand and hand mixer combo, as smart cooks know, out of sight, out of mind. To get the most out of this mixer, try giving it pride of place on your counter, within arms reach so you get in the habit of turning to it for the most simplest of tasks to the more labor intensive. For example, look at what the Kenwood’s tools can help you accomplish.

Kenwood Chefette Attchments


Stainless steal and sturdy, first of all the two rotating beaters stay put. Unlike the beaters on some hand mixers that slide out of their sockets repeatedly while you are trying to get your cake batter mixed, the beaters lock in tight and rotate evenly, incorporating ingredients to give you lump-free mashes and silky soups. They will churn your buttercream for cupcakes and whip egg whites into towering clouds for mousses and meringues. And stiff cookie and biscuit doughs are no match for the relentless, steady, and powerful beaters on the Kenwood.


Would you like to surprise your guests with homemade yeast rolls for a special party but don’t have time for all that kneading? No worry when you insert the two kneaders and let them gently massage yeast dough to a malleable consistency while you are attending to other tasks.

Stainless Steel Bowl

A bowl is a bowl is a bowl. Or is it? The Kenwood’s large stainless steel 3L bowl gives you plenty of room to allow you to cook for a crowd. Yet, it rotates, which, in combination with the beater action, allows thorough incorporation of ingredients without you having to stand over it like a traffic guard making sure the beaters reach every spoonful of ingredients, something a dedicated hand mixer can’t even dream about.

Splash Guard

A splash guard is the stand mixer’s best friend to keep ingredients from spraying across the kitchen when it gets up to speed. And the Kenwood’s transparent guard doesn’t disappoint.


The Kenwood Chefette includes an interlock system for the beaters and kneaders for safety and security. They stay in place and won’t take off on their own, risking devastation to your recipe and harm to your fingers.


Dimensions: 27 cm x 39 cm x 34.5 cm
Weight: 2.3 Kg.


  • Powerful and functional enough for both novice and experienced home cooks.
  • Detachable mixer head.
  • Rotating bowl.
  • Small footprint on the counter.


  • Some consumers complain about the cost of replacement parts.

In The Box

  1. 1 x Kenwood Chefette unit with stand
  2. 2 x Beaters
  3. 2 x Kneaders
  4. 1 x Stainless steel bowl


The MEDION Stand Hand Mixer with bowl, offers many of the features of the Kenwood Chefette, 5 speed levels, an eject button and splash guard with a roomy opening for adding ingredients. Upon closer inspection, however, though a lower price point, it has less power, no pulse function, and a smaller bowl.

The VonShef 2 in 1 Twin Hand and Stand Mixer deserves consideration for the budget minded with its 300W, 2 Year Warranty, 5 Speeds and Turbo Function, read pulse action. An added attraction is the whisk that’s added to the list of tools. However, users complain that the whisk does not operate with mixer on the stand, and reviewers complain of quality control.

The Cooks Professional stand mixer is another good option, with a sleek and attractive design as well as the tools and power to handle big batches, at a reasonable price.


Versatile and practical, the Kenwood Chefette is an overwhelming favorite with consumers, garnering rave reviews for quality, ease of use, durability and functionality. For the home cook looking for a power mixer who does not need a professional-quality machine yet still wants a reliable mixer with many functions, the Kenwood is a sure bet.


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