Kenwood Classic Chef KM330 Food Mixer Reviewed

  • Includes three non-stick bowl tools
  • Powerful 800W motor with three power outlets
  • Large 4.6L bowl with splashguard
  • Full Review Below..
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The Classic Chef KM330 by Kenwood is the home cook’s food mixer. It sits as pretty as picture in a traditional kitchen that serves up wholesome family meals, simple desserts and delicious celebration cakes. Featuring the fundamental characteristics of a home mixer and utilising everything it has to maximum mixing effect, the KM330 lives up to ‘classic’ expectations.

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The functions and tools that come with the KM330 are enough to get beginners started, whilst still offering everything a knowledgeable cook needs to whip up their favourite recipes quickly at home.


This Kenwood stand mixer doesn’t look as flashy as some of the more advanced food preparation products and there aren’t any alternatives to the white plastic bodied design.


Kenwood KM330The value for money of the humble Kenwood KM330 machine is undeniable. For a very reasonable price you get everything you’ll need for basic and more experimental cooking and baking, with the option to move to more advanced uses if you desire.

Included with the standard KM330 purchase is the mixer machine body, bowl, thorough instructions, a recipe book and 3 mixing attachments- the K-beater, whisk and dough hook.

The machine itself is made of plastic. The white finish may be classic, but the KM330 does lack in modern style. Anything you miss from the aesthetics of the machine is made up, though, with the ‘all-rounder’ cooking approach from Kenwood. Everything you need for faster and more effective food mixing is included. Although the Kenwood Classic Chef Stand Mixer comes across as quite modest, looks can be deceiving. This food mixer packs a good punch, with the machine running at a powerful 800-watts. However as the body is plastic, instead of stainless steel like its heftier equivalents, the KM330 does lack a feeling of true robustness.

To match power with modern technology, this machine adopts the highly effective Kenwood planetary mixing action. To ensure everything in the bowl is thoroughly incorporated, the attachment socket moves in one direction while the tools rotate the other way. The results – smooth airy batters and a pleasingly fast mix.

The bowl that comes with the KM330 mixer has a volume of 4.6 litres- which is a fair size for the everyday home cooking tasks that this machine is designed for. Of course, this does mean that anyone wanting to experiment with bulk baking or industrial sized dinner parties will have trouble. For most bakers and cooks, though, the bowl is more than adequate for family-sized cakes and regular weekday dinner preparations. You can, after all, whisk up a dozen eggs with this humble machine! The white plastic bowl matches the machine body- just another simple trick from Kenwood to create a piece of kitchen equipment that’s simple but classic.

Kenwood Chef KM330 Attachments

Kenwood include 3 standard attachments with the KM330 to get you started. You then have the option to buy around 20 extra tools, which are all compatible with the machine’s functionality.

Firstly, the infamous K-beater tool. Designed specifically to work in conjunction with the planetary mixing action of Kenwood machines, the K-beater is a smart ‘K’ shape. The beater moves around the whole bowl, thanks to the beating action, and scrapes the sides down- moving and incorporating all of the ingredients thoroughly. The efficiency of the machine is pretty accurate, so the elements of your recipe will be quickly incorporated. The K-beater is the perfect tool for cake making, as the mix is created quickly, without removing too much air- so every cake is as light and fluffy as you’d want it to be. The results obtained from the Kenwood K-beater are always fabulous and when combined with the power of the KM330, you could have a perfectly mixed cake batter in a fraction of the time it would take you by hand.

The Kenwood mixer whisk is coated, making it non-stick but some may say losing the classy touch of a metal version. Either way, the Kenwood KM330 is focusing on results, creating a balloon shaped whisk that can thoroughly whip up cream, whisk egg whites and combine soft cheeses at speed. Using the simple speed controller, you can achieve the perfect texture of any whisked ingredient- whether that be for soft or stiff peaks.

Kenwood KM330 Attachments

Bread and pastry makers, or those new to handling dough, can benefit greatly from the dough hook included with the KM330. Instead of kneading the dough yourself, the Kenwood hook tool does the work for you with ready to prove results. Similarly to the other Kenwood attachments, the dough hook works with the total mixing action to stretch your dough- you’ll just need to keep an eye on it and stop the machine once the mix is at optimum glutinous elasticity for your recipe.

The tools included with the standard purchase are made of hardy stainless steel with a practical non-stick coating. Although visually, the details of this Kenwood mixer are less appealing, they are made to be highly practical. The tools (and the bowl, too) are easy to wipe clean as well as being dishwasher safe. So, having the Kenwood KM330 on hand is more of a help than it will ever be a hindrance.

Utilising your tools and taking advantage of the cooking innovations from Kenwood is wonderfully easy. The KM330 Stand Mixer keeps the control element to a minimum- with just one dial allowing you to control the mixing speed. There is also a ‘pulse’ button, which most home bakers will be happy to have as a mixing option. The Kenwood Classic Chef is designed for home cooks, so this plain and simple speed dial is ideal. When you’re confronted with a new recipe, you can choose to gradually increase your mixing speed until you are comfortable, then you just need to wait for the desired consistency to be achieved. Also, when novice chefs have learnt their way around the KM330, they can easily begin to experiment with sweet and savoury cooking that’s more advanced- from soufflé to meringue making!

This machine has great features, without being all about the bells and whistles! Instead, the Kenwood KM330 Stand Mixer is about cooking simply, to create delicious meals you’ll enjoy.