Kenwood KM336 Chef Classic Reviewed

  • Large 4.6 litre stainless steel bowl with splash guard
  • 800W motor with 2 power outlets
  • Includes additional 1.5 litre blender/ liquidiser
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The Kenwood Chef Classic food mixer is for home cooks with the simple aim of creating delicious meals in their own kitchen, without the complications of mess or time constraints. With the KM336 it’s possible to mix, beat, whisk and knead, as well as blend thanks to the classic liquidiser that’s included. This food mixer isn’t about frills and complexity but it does provide the extras that home cooks need to create delicious dinners and baked goods with ease.

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The KM336 is really simple to use so is perfect for making weekday meals, whilst still integrating a sufficient amount of additional functions that a more experimental chef might need.


Although the mixer has the look of any other classic Kenwood machine, the KM336 Chef Classic may not be to everyone’s taste and might not match well with sleek, modern appliances in a contemporary kitchen.


Traditional, stylish, simple and effective – the Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 offers home cooks a solution to creating straightforward meals without fuss, whilst leaving room for adventurous chefs to experiment with more advanced cookery.

kenwood km336Although a seemingly basic machine, the KM336 effectively incorporates every ingredient of a recipe using Kenwood’s total mixing action. Whether it’s a cake mix, sweet pastry batter or elements of a savoury pie, the Kenwood Chef Classic effortlessly ensures a mix is thoroughly combined by swooping around every edge of the bowl’s surface. The simple speed dial turns smoothly from zero to max and can also be used as a ‘pulse’ control when a few final turns are needed to complete a mix. With any of the mixing tools attached to the machine head, the powerful 800W motor ensures fast paced food preparation, thorough execution and flawless, Kenwood-standard mixes every time.


The stainless steel mixing bowl itself has a capacity of 4.6 litres, which is amble room for mixing a variety of basic recipes for home cooking and baking. The bowl’s high sides also mean there is no need to worry about expanding mixtures, such as egg whites, and less chance of overflow when mixing wetter ingredients. A standard cake mix could be doubled to create a 4-tier birthday cake and still fit happily within the mixing bowl. Its modern polished appearance doesn’t necessarily match the basic white body of the mixer but of course does make it much easier to keep clean. For keen bakers, a second bowl is often necessary and Kenwood sell Chef Classic compatible bowls to help make preparing cake mixtures and desserts seamless.


Kenwood’s total mixing action works together with the steel mixing bowl and each of the 3 mixing attachments, which are included with the machine. The tools are coated in a special Kenwood designed covering called ‘K-Lene’, are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, so unlike other mixer tools you won’t have to spend extra time soaking and cleaning.kenwood km336


Firstly, the classic Kenwood K-Beater works with ease to incorporate butter and sugar for the start of a cake mix, as well as soft ingredients for many other recipes. Thanks to the total mixing action of most Kenwood mixers, the KM336 also leaves minimal amounts of ingredients, both dry and greasy, around the bowl. The whisk included with the KM336 is large but balloon shaped so that it can whisk together as many as 12 eggs, or as little as 1. The KM336 also comes with a dough hook, perfect for enthusiastic bread makers and easy enough to be used by anyone new to kneading dough. Getting the right consistency requires minimal effort, as the dough hook brings the ingredients together and kneads the formed dough too. With a spatula and a splashguard thrown in too, you’ll be ready to whip up a delicious cake as soon as the mixer arrives. Of course you will need to consider the storage of these attachments but it’s worth finding an accessible space for them in your kitchen cupboards – their uses may come in handy more often than you think.

For anyone who enjoys cooking from scratch or making soups and accompaniments, the liquidiser that’s included with the Kenwood KM336 ends the list of food preparation equipment perfectly. The small blender sits on top of the food mixer machine body and plugs into the high speed outlet at the back. It holds 1.5 litres, perfect for blending soup for a starter, making sauces, lightly chopping dry ingredients and much more. The only down side of this blender is that it is made of plastic rather than glass and using it does create a little extra washing up. Otherwise, for quickly chopping nuts, blending vegetables and making smoothies, it is the ideal addition to have atop a mixer.

Despite its collection of tools and functions, there isn’t any fuss with the Kenwood KM336, which is why it is so well suited to simple home cooking. Close to the speed dial is a small button, which releases the head of the machine and allows for tool exchange and bowl removal whenever needed. When creating more adventurous recipes that utilise more of the machine’s great functions, the Kenwood Chef Classic stays resilient. Through continuous use there is no loss of power and if the mixer does begin to overheat it shuts itself off – a useful safety feature for very active chefs!

With the standard mixer purchase comes everything a home cook needs to get started. What’s more, there are a variety of tools that can be added to your purchase, allowing you to step up to the next level of culinary experimentation at home. For the Kenwood Classic Chef series there are over twenty attachments available, including an ice cream maker, meat grinder, pasta roller and electric citrus juicer. Because there are 2 power outlets on the KM336, each tool can work to maximum performance. Whatever your favourite dish or dessert is and however you like to cook or bake it, this Kenwood food mixer makes the process quicker and provides amble opportunity for trying out something new, so it’s easy to impress at every dinner party!