Kenwood kMix KMX50 Food Mixer Review

  • 500W motor with electronic speed control
  • Planetary mixing action
  • 2 power outlets for extra attachments
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Kenwood never fail to meet the requirements of home bakers and amateur chefs. The kMix KMX50 Stand Mixer offers the variety of features and functions that make Kenwood mixers the modern cook’s machine of choice.


The variety of tools included with the machine give you the ability to instantly begin creating an array of delicious meals and baked treats, without purchasing any additional products.


The large bowl capacity leaves little space to add extra ingredients part way through mixing.


The KMX50 is an all-rounder- with easy to use mixing options that cut baking and cooking prep time in half!

In the box, you’ll find the main mixer body, head and plug, a 5L mixing bowl and range of attachments, a splashguard, recipe cards, a spatula, an in-depth instruction manual and product registration information. Kenwood are well known for their classy design choices and they’ve got it spot on again with this model. The head of the kMix KMX50 comes in a choice of eleven different colours, plus two striking multicoloured options. From deep and bright to delicate pastels colours, every kitchen can find a place for the kMix. Plus, the body is made of light aluminium, which is a dream when you need to clean the machine, surfaces or move the mixer around the kitchen.kenwood kmix kmx50

The machine motor has 500W power with six speed control options. This means you can mix up heavy dough and light cake batter, whisk egg whites to exactly the right consistency and fold ingredients together gently. The precise power control options help you to avoid extra mess in your kitchen too, as you can accelerate the speed slowly and avoid any overflow or flour spray! There are also added safety features on the kMix, so children and bakers in training can all use the machine without worry. When the head of the machine is lifted the power automatically stops. In addition to the mixer’s inbuilt safety features, Kenwood have thought about keeping your kitchen tidy too. Included with the KMX50 is a removable splashguard with space to pour in and add more ingredients, so your kitchen stays clean while you work.

When it comes to using the kMix KMX50 there are many options- for bakers and chefs. The speed dial can be moved to six different settings, making this model a multipurpose mixer that can efficiently knead heavy dough as well as gently combine lighter ingredients. Kenwood’s unique mixing actions allow for the thorough combining of all ingredients in the bowl as it moves in varied, methodical motions, rather than just in one circular movement. As your chosen attachment moves, the tool socket rotates and mixes the other way. The KMX50 uses ‘total mixing action’ with impressive results. It leaves minimal amounts of ingredients on the sides of the bowl, however when mixing fatty ingredients some of the mixture might be left on the sides of the bowl. One or two simple pauses and scrape downs fixes that. The kMix will always be more efficient than hand beating as it fully incorporates every element of your recipe to create the perfect mixture. This really is comprehensive and concise baking at its best.

Each mixing function makes the most of Kenwood’s total mixing science. Choose to pulse your ingredients together at a high speed of around 14,000rpm, or fold gently at a speed of 22rpm. Both of these mixing functions are controllable by simply holding down a button for the desired time and releasing it to stop the movement.

The large mixing bowl that comes with the KMX50 is made with sturdy polished stainless steel; making it incredibly easy to clean so it looks as good as new. Moving the bowl when full is made easier by the large handle on the side. The bowl fits in the mixer body securely and the machine head moves up and down smoothly to fit and remove the various attachments. You do have to be careful when removing and changing the tools, as although the machine is robust a rougher hand could cause attachments to become worn. It’s best to be soft, without using much force when fitting attachments to the mixer.

The changeable tools included with the KMX50 are a creaming beater, dough hook, whisk tool and the original K beater. The unique shape of the kMix K beater means that the tool moves and stirs every ingredient, resulting in a mix that is always fully combined. Kenwood’s dough hook offers an alternative to hand kneading, still leaving a well combined mixture that’s stretched and ready to prove or bake. The kMix whisk tool is shaped to work for large and small quantities- meaning you can whisk between 1 and 12 egg whites using the same machine. The rounded whisk works to effectively increase momentum throughout whisking- always leaving perfectly light results. Finally, the skilful creaming attachment can be used to mix up wonderfully smooth cake batters with its flexible, soft rubber tool.

A feature that give this Kenwood mixer extra functionality is the choice of power outlets. There is a standard outlet for the attachments included with this model, as well as a slow speed outlet. The kMix’s slow speed power outlet is compatible with a range of exciting Kenwood tools for mixing that requires slower speeds without any loss of power. You can buy extra attachments including pasta and meat processors for advanced cookery, whilst still using your kMix!

With the helpful speed controls and diverse attachment options you can use the machine to cream, beat, whisk, fold and stir a variety of ingredients to the perfect consistency. The 5L bowl can take good amounts of cake batter, dough, egg whites and pastry flour, making bulk mixing a very doable concept. Or, you can use the kMix KMX50 to prepare simple cake batters, complete day-to-day cooking tasks and quickly prepare last minute meals. When your recipe calls for additional ingredients to be mixed in part way through beating or stirring, you will most likely have to lift the mixer body away from the bowl, as there is very little space to easily pour in additions.

The Kenwood kMix KMX50 is a powerful and sturdy machine that effortlessly combines the mixing elements which baking pros and novice cooks see as essential. The innovative way the machine works is purely for functionality- to obtain great results every time by ensuring ingredients are fully combined and every mixture is perfect. Of course, the fact the machine looks modern and sleek is a welcomed bonus!