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The name gives it away. The Kenwood Patissier food mixer is made for pastry. Breakfast rolls, cupcakes, buttercreams, croissants, cakes and tarts will rise from your fingertips with the aid of the Kenwood Patissier. Don a tall white toque while you’re whipping up a towering cake for a special occasion and you’ll have people believing you’re a professional pastry chef. That’s how far the MX317 can take you in your culinary adventures. But make no mistake, the Kenwood isn’t just for baking cookies. Put this handy appliance to work whipping up vegetable mashes, meatball and sausage mixtures, as well as other savory dishes. This is an all-purpose mixer, your new best friend in the kitchen.


Kenwood Patissier Stand Mixer


Kenwood has been a leading manufacturer of cutting edge, stylish and efficient kitchen appliances since 1947. So before you even take the mixer out of the box you have the assurance of a quality product.


Form follows function. First, its sleek lines offer a stylish and compact addition to any kitchen, whether your décor is modern, retro or country chic. It’s relatively low height allows it to fit under cabinets for easy storage though you no doubt would want to give the beautiful appliance pride of place on your counter. In addition, it has a sturdy, all metal body so you know it will last for years.


The 400W motor provides ample power to knead serious dough’s for brioche, dense cookie mixtures, as well as delicate meringues, icings and butter creams. One of the most frustrating complaints cooks have about food mixers is that they give up when the going gets tough. When they ask them to beat several pounds of boiled potatoes into a smooth mash, for instance, or combine stiff cookie dough’s into thoroughly combined mixtures and half way through they grind to a halt. The Kenwood, on the other hand, with its powerful motor, just keeps on going.


As any home cook knows, the graduated speed function is essential to give absolute control over your food preparation. The delicate cream that you want whipped to soft peaks to top your summer berries requires a lower speed than the egg whites for your soufflé that need a speed demon to get them beaten to a fluffy cloud. And sometimes a single recipe, like a cake batter, needs gradations of speed to produce the desired result. The six speeds utilized by an electronic slide control on the Kenwood offers you the ability to control every step of your recipe to create imaginative, fool-proof dishes.


Kenwood Patissier Attachments

The Kenwood comes with three efficient attachments:

Think of this as your extra pair of hands, the beater is probably the most often-used attachment on a mixer. This clever design allows ingredients to flow through easily while combining completely and circulating from top to bottom of the bowl.

If you’ve ever avoided meringues, mousses and soufflé recipes because the idea of tackling a towering mound of whipped egg whites intimidated you, put your fears aside. The whisk attachment will create your pavlovas and white cakes calling for whipped egg whites with no effort on your part. Just add the egg whites to the bowl, attach the whisk, stand back and let the mixer do the work for you.

Dough Hook
What’s brioche you ask? A delicious, labor intensive, butter rich dough that takes a lot, underscore A LOT of kneading in bits of butter until you have a satiny dough that is melt in your mouth good once it’s done. But most home cooks turn their back on making this luscious bread because of the arm-busting work of endless kneading. With the Kenwood Patissier brioche and any other yeast bread or roll can make a regular appearance on your bread board because the reliable dough hook takes the work out of the kneading while producing an elastic, smooth dough every time.

4 litre bowl

This roomy bowl will hold double batches of your favorite recipes and allow the attachments to reach the sides and bottom for thorough incorporation of all the ingredients. Bonus points for being dishwasher safe.

Splash Guard

Though it seems like it should be a no-brainer attachment, some mixers do not include splash guards. With the Kenwood, it is not an option; it comes with the machine to keep you and your counter top free of messy, sticky ingredients. The wide pouring spout allows you to add ingredients without stopping and starting the mixer, adding to its reputation for efficiency.


Item Weight: 9 Kg
Product Dimensions: 27.1 x 43.1 x 43 cm


At this midrange price point, the Kenwood Patissier offers an array of features for both the novice and the accomplished cook. It doesn’t have so many frills that you’re paying for geegaws you’ll never use, but it does include the essential tools that will take the work out of producing a vast array of baked goods. Available in a variety of colours.


It doesn’t have a designated slow setting, though it starts gradually when you turn the motor on. While it’s dishwasher safe, it does take up room and doesn’t allow for many other items.

Kenwood Patissier Food Mixer

In the Box

  • 1 x Kenwood Patisserie
  • 1 x 4L bowl
  • 1 x beater
  • 1 x dough hook
  • 1 x whisk
  • 1 x splashguard
  • 1 x instruction booklet


If you want to do some comparison shopping you might want to look at the Swan Retro Stand Mixer, 1000 W. The Swan does its best to compete with planetary mixing action which produces an excellent consistency. Unfortunately, the design falls far short of the Kenwood, with a bulky footprint, no retractable cord and a tendency to dance along the counter top when in use. It does have 8 speeds and a 2 year guarantee.


For the money, you can’t beat the quality, style, functions and reliability of the Kenwood Patissier. The comfort of having 75 years of a solid reputation behind it earns high marks and deserves your consideration when you want to outfit your kitchen with a quality kitchen assistant.


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