Kenwood Food Mixer KMC010 Chef: Reviewed

  • Large 4.6 litre bowl plus splashguard
  • 4 power outlets for additional attachments
  • 5 year guarantee from Kenwood
  • Full Review Below..
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For those who already own the Kenwood KMC010, when a recipe calls for blended or processed foods, reaching for the KMC010 is second nature. Of course, the mixing functions are all more than satisfactory- so there’s nothing left to do but mix, knead, whisk, bake and enjoy!

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The basic purchase includes everything you need for mixing, plus everything else an experimental chef could need too. The fact the different elements are hardwearing and durable means you can mix, blend or chop at high speeds when preparing a big meal without loss of power or overworking.


The downside of having so many extras is that you’ll need to find somewhere to store them!

Kenwood Chef KMC010The Kenwood KMC0101 Chef is so much more than just a food mixer- but the basic mixing components are more than adequate and the extra tools are the cherry on the top. Plus, it looks great!

When you choose the Kenwood KMC010, you’ll receive everything you need to easily start mixing up sweet and savoury meals with a touch of professionalism. The basic bundle includes the machine body, a bowl for mixing and 4 mixing tools, a small blender attachment, food processor, splashguard, spatula, full instructions and there’s even a recipe book to get you started.


The mixer body itself is made of light cast aluminium with a swish silver finish. With a power level of 1400 watts, this machine carries out every mixing, creaming and beating task with timely precision. The mixing bowl for the KMC010 Stand Mixer has a large 4.6 litre capacity. Slick, shiny and able to take a good amount of ingredients for mixing, this bowl is made specifically for use in a stylish domestic kitchen.


The basic mixing attachments included with this food mixer are the infamous Kenwood K Beater, a whisk, a dough hook and a creaming beater. All 4 are stylishly designed and made in stainless steel metal to match the mixing bowl. Of course, Kenwood think about both design and function equally- these strong steel tools are made to be durable and to carry out superb mixing with a good variety of recipe ingredients.

The K Beater attachment is well known in the cooking world as a tool designed to make mixing up ingredients for cake batters quick and easy for home chefs. The cool K shape of the beater is not just for show- this tool is sized and shaped exactly to be able to reach the sides of the mixing bowl. The K Beater capturers every ingredient, mixes and incorporates them quickly and thoroughly, whilst bringing air to the batter. For cakes and some pastries, this is an essential part of mixing that would be arduous and time consuming if done by hand- which is why the KMC010 is so popular among budding chefs and bakers.

Moving on to the other, seemingly basic attachment tools, you’ll find there is still a touch of Kenwood sophistication and design in every element of this stand mixer. The stainless steel whisk is shaped to make beautifully whisked egg whites- of which the mixing bowl has a capacity to take between 1 and 12. Whether you’d prefer a soft finish, or stiffer peaks for meringue making, the Kenwood KMC010 will help you reach your goal in a fraction of the time it would take by hand. The only tool out of the 4 that does not come in sleek stainless steel is the creaming beater. Although this is for good reason, it does take away from the smooth lines and shiny finish of the rest of the machine. Nevertheless, the creamer does its job, with its flexible plastic body it works around the whole of the mixing bowl, ensuring every speck of butter, cream or sugar is incorporated into your mix nicely.

Kenwood KMC010 Chef

Finally, Kenwood’s dough hook takes bread making into a whole new class. We can all empathise with bakers who are fresh to the world of kneading dough- it’s hard work and the complete incorporation of the basic ingredients is essential to creating a beautiful rise and finish. This Kenwood Stand Mixer and its dough hook take the effort out of preparing bread dough. The simple attachment works with Kenwood’s planetary motions and high power to push, pull and stretch dough to create a glutenous finish, so you can achieve a well risen, tasty bake.

When you’re pulling out all the stops for a home cooked meal, the KMC010 is your perfect kitchen top companion. Not only can you mix your batters, prepare your bread dough and beat up the elements for your dessert, you can blend and process the other elements of your dishes too.

Additional Attachments

The blender included with this food mixer sits comfortably atop the machine body, so less counter space is needed compared with having separate machines. Named the ‘ThermoResist’, Kenwood’s glass blender has a capacity of 1.6 litres and is by no means your standard blender. It’s made from an innovative glass that is resistant to extreme temperatures. So, unlike with other blenders, you can add ice-cold ingredients and hot ingredients in quick succession without any risk of damage or cracking. As always, Kenwood bring together awesome kitchen gadgets and science to offer the option of convenient, fast and professional cooking.

The food processor that comes with the KMC010 is no different when it comes to innovation. Designed to work with the medium power outlet of this stand mixer, the material of the processor is durable and strong, so there’s no risk of shattering or over working. Included are 3 disc blades for slicing, cutting and grating food quickly.

Although it’s a great advantage to have so many extras with a stand mixer, if your kitchen is already tight for space, you’ll need to seriously consider where you will store all of the attachments. The blender and processor are a good size, which is great for food prep but not so good when it comes space saving.

As usual with Kenwood, they’ve thought of the small things that make all the difference for budding chefs in home kitchens. Included with the Kenwood KMC010 is a splashguard for tidier mixing, most elements and tools can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and the attachable blender and processor have built in safety features for worry-free slicing and dicing.

Conclusion and Where to Buy the Kenwood KMC010

Although we’ve been calling this machine a stand mixer, it really is much more than that. With everything you need for basic and advanced mixing included, as well as blending and processing, there’s really no getting away from the fact that the Kenwood KMC010 Chef is the business. Once you’ve used this machine for a while and got used to its pros, you’ll soon want to buy the range of additional tools which are compatible with the 3 power outlets, including grinders, pasta rollers and much more.