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  • Exceptional attachments
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It may not be fair to start a review of a quality appliance with a complaint, but it is necessary to point out a failure of the truth in advertising principle with the Klarstein Bella Nera Kitchen Machine Food Processor. True, it’s only a minor quibble, but without this public service announcement, you, the consumer, might persuade yourself to bypass an excellent product because the proper name was lost in translation.

So let’s get to it: It’s not a food processor, the Klarstein is a stand mixer. And if you scroll through its marketing material and come across a description of a kneading machine? Yeah, you can toss that in the bin, too. However, you can put your money on any claim that the Bella Nera is an outstanding kitchen assistant and rest assured that your investment in this German brand will provide years of dependable service and make quick work of complex recipes. Let’s take a closer look.

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Brand Dependability

Klarstein Food Mixer

Klarstein, based in Berlin, has a well-deserved reputation for producing a wide range of high quality, innovative, modern kitchen tools and household appliances.


Okay, this may not be the sole reason you open your wallet for an expensive kitchen appliance, but let’s face it, it doesn’t hurt to have it glam up the place. And on this point the Klarstein’s sleek red exterior doesn’t disappoint. Suitable for retro, high tech or country chic décor.


Uppermost in the mind of most home cooks shopping for a stand mixer, is whether it will have the muscle to take on the heavy duty tasks of churning meat mixtures for savory pies, pounds of potatoes for mashes, double recipes of cookie dough’s or kneading dense, wheaty bread dough’s. Well, not to worry with the 1200 watts at your disposal, you have enough power to sail through any task, even kneading up to 2kg of bread dough.


For ultimate control over all your cooking tasks, from slow gentle churning for creams to high speed whipping, the Klarstein offers 6 variable speeds.

Planetary Action

Planetary action assures thorough incorporation of all ingredients and is only available on high-end mixers.

With planetary stirring the beater, whisk or dough hook revolves around the bowl but also on its axis, thereby constantly pushing the ingredients into the centre, guaranteeing a perfect result.


Klarstein Bella Nera Attachments

The three attachments are stainless steel and dishwasher safe, with an added feature, a quick clamping system using a keyless chuck that makes them extremely easy to change quickly when you want to go from mixing a cookie dough to whipping cream for a fruit topping.

Die-cast Dough Hook

If you are a bread baker, turning out home made breads, rolls and pizza dough’s is the stand mixer’s reason for being. Just add the ingredients to the bowl and let the mixer do the work. But in the case of the Klarstein, you get an added bonus with their innovative dough hook. They have added an extra finger as it were to the end of the hook to increase the kneading power. You will see the result of having this fin work your dough in the malleability of the final product.

Balloon Whisk

Pull out your recipes for soufflés, mousses, white cakes, pavlovas and any delicacy calling for mounds of whipped egg whites, because the design of the balloon whisk will turn them into airy clouds with a flick of a switch. And here is where you will also appreciate the planetary action as it all helps to incorporate air into egg whites without breaking down the cells that can cause soufflés to fall.

Die-cast Beater

The most exciting feature of the attachment set is the beater with the scraper edge. The beater attachment on all mixers is the time saver every home cook needs, providing the tool that substitutes for the wooden spoon that once did all the stirring, mixing and whipping in the old days. Klarstein offers a scraping edge, though, for more thorough and faster incorporating of your ingredients and to ensure nothing remains in the bottom of the bowl.


And speaking of the bowl, the stainless steel 5.2 litre bowl is large enough to handle double batches of dough’s and cookie mixes. It also twists easily in and out of the slot to stay put during operation.

Tilt Head

The tilt head moves out of the way so you can easily see your mixtures and give them quick stir by hand if necessary.

Splash Guard

A see-through splash guard comes with the machine and attaches to the top of the tilt head to keep the cook and counters clean.


Item Weight: 8 Kg
Product Dimensions: 44.8 x 41.8 x 27.4 cm


  • Quiet during operation
  • Powerful motor
  • Exceptional attachments
  • Reliable brand


I Would like to see an opening in the splash guard closer to the edge to make adding ingredients during operation easier. But this is a small complaint for such a quality machine. Also, be aware that you may need to change the plug to fit UK standards.


Klarstein Bella Nera Mixer

Not convinced? Compare the Klarstein Bella Nera to the Kenwood kMix at a similar price point if you need to reassure yourself that the Klarstein is good value for your money. While the Kenwood is a reliable machine, a number of users had quality issues. The attachments do not offer the added attractions of the scraper on the beater nor the fin on the dough hook, both offering superior performance. While many buyers were happy with the Kenwood, some users also registered complaints about a black dusting from the interior of the machine on their ingredients during use. Kenwood is a respected brand, but these issues were not raised by Klarstein buyers.


At this price point consumers agree this is a winner, both for the price point, the quality and the style factor.


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