Panana 1200W Electric Food Stand Mixer – what you should know

  • Five litre capacity in mixing bowl.
  • Beater, whisk and dough hook attachments included.
  • 1200w power output with five speed settings.
  • Splash guard for extra protection.
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This modern food stand mixer is available in both cool black and vibrant red. At an affordable cost it provides a range of features to make baking a whole lot easier. This great value food mixer not only looks good in a modern kitchen it’s also easy to use. Before you buy this popular food mixing machine make sure that you check out all of the facts you need to know below.


  • Large stainless steel mixing bowl makes baking without spillage a lot easier.
  • Three attachments for a variety of different baking tasks.
  • Anti-slip feet and ten-minute stop protection for safety and durability.
  • Powerful machine with a range of speed settings.


  • Attachments must be washed by hand.

Lots of room for easy mixing

Mixing should be easy and enjoyable, not a constant battle against spilling the contents of the bowl. The bowl on this budget food mixer is large enough for you to be able to mix in comfort, even if you are using a large amount of ingredients. You can also simply pick up the bowl and carry it around by its handle, if you want to move the contents to the fridge for storage.

Baking made easy with three unique attachments

It does not matter whether baking bread is mostly your thing, or you are more of a cake person; this affordable food mixer is an ideal choice. It comes with a beater, dough hook and whisk included, so you have every baking task covered. The attachments are simple to change around so you can switch them as often as you want with no time wasted.

Safety and durability in a food mixer

You want to be able to mix ingredients without the machine sliding around the counter top. This machine has anti-slip feet so you do not need to worry about any movement as you mix. It also has ten-minute stop protection. If you get chatting on the phone and are distracted, it will not just carry on going forever. This is a really useful feature as it’s not only safety conscious, it also helps make this a food mixer that lasts. Buy this mixer if you want an affordable food mixer that is safe to use.

Power that you control

If you are looking for a food mixer with power, look no further. This value mixer has a maximum power output of 1200W. It also has five speed settings, as well as a pulse setting, so you get to control how fast it mixes. This is ideal when you are dealing with different types of ingredients.

You cannot put everything in the dishwasher

At the end of a baking session, it’s easy to just fill the dishwasher with all of the dirty utensils. You cannot do this with the attachments for this food mixer. You will need to do some washing by hand. To be fair that is the case with most mixers on the market; dishwashers are not safe for all items.

Amazon warranty

You can buy this great value food mixer on Amazon. This means that you get the benefit of a two-year Amazon warranty. The warranty runs from the date of delivery and allows you to return the mixer if it develops a fault. It should then be repaired or replaced, or your money should be refunded.

In summary

If you are looking for a durable and affordable electric food stand mixer, this product is a good choice. It can handle all of the usual baking tasks safely, and without mess. You get a variety of speed settings and attachments that make baking easy and the machine itself is simple to use and has a clean and fresh look that fits in any modern kitchen.


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