Sage Scrape Mixer Pro by Hesten Blumenthal Review

  • Includes flexible blade to cut mixing time
  • Unique planetary mixing action
  • Variable electronic speed control
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When a well known Michelin star chef gets behind a piece of kitchen equipment, you can expect great things. Sage teamed up with Heston Blumenthal, founder of restaurant ‘The Fat Duck’ and Channel 4 foodie celebrity, to create the Scrape Mixer Pro. Incorporating precision baking science, specialist functions and simple, modern looks, the collaboration has produced a fine stand mixer for home bakers who long for a professional finish.

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The technical elements of the beating mechanism work very well to fully incorporate ingredients and thoroughly mix everything together.


This is a stripped back mixer in look and variety of functions. Without any additional tools for chefs looking to do more than baking, there isn’t much scope for further cooking tasks.


Sage Scrape Mixer ProThe Sage Scrape Mixer Pro is a baking fan’s dream food mixer. It greatly cuts down mixing time compared with hand beating, incorporates ingredients completely and has effective functions for controlled mixing.

The look of the mixer is undeniably swish. The machine body is made with cool, smooth metal‐ so it can be placed in any kitchen and will look as if it has always been there. The simple design also makes it easy to wipe down and clean after use. The 4.7 litre mixing bowl is also made of durable metal, with a large handle for easy lifting between uses.

The Scrape Mixer Pro mixing power is 1000 watts‐ proving that this machine means business. The attachments included with the Sage Scrape Mixer Pro are a mixing blade, whisk, the originally designed Scraper Blade and a dough hook. Removing the tools and attaching new ones requires minimal effort and the attaching mechanisms are strong and robust. Of course, Heston has made sure the machine works in a scientifically effective way and a sure plus point of this food mixer is the power behind it. Its efficient and fast mixing technique not only means your mixtures are ready sooner but also produces better cake batter. By incorporating the recipe ingredients quickly, with the perfect speed intensity, the Scrape Mixer Pro brings more air into the mix so every resulting cake is deliciously light and fluffy‐ key characteristics of the perfect sponge cake!

The mechanics behind this Sage machine’s mixing boasts complete incorporation of all ingredients using a fascinating, professional rotation action. The beater tool itself is sent spinning in one direction, whilst the head moves the opposite way. To match this thorough mixing movement, the unique mixing blade attachment has been aptly titled the ‘Scraper Beater’. The soft edges of the beater tool are designed to reach every inch of the bowl; acting to smoothly capture and incorporate each element of your recipe, scraping down the sides and the bottom of the bowl so nothing is left out. With Heston Blumenthal’s expertise and experience, Sage has managed to integrate performance techniques from professional kitchen equipment to create results that match those of head chefs.Sage Scrape Mixer Pro

The additional mixing attachments included with this Sage machine also work with the innovative mixing design to thoroughly whisk or knead your ingredients. The metal whisk creates perfectly whipped cream and flawlessly whisked egg whites. By utilising the mixing speed dial you can be meticulous, controlling the speed up and down until you’ve created soft or stiff peaks. For bread makers, the dough hook takes the time and struggle out of kneading, creating perfectly malleable bread dough as well as very well mixed pastry.

There are an impressive 12 mixing speeds on the Scrape Mixer Pro to help you combine ingredients exactly the way you’d like‐ whether that be gently, at a medium speed or with more force. Switching between speeds is a stylish and smooth task‐ and you wouldn’t expect anything less from a stand mixer endorsed by Heston! The dial on the side of the machine body changes the mixing speed and the velocity measurements indicate what speed is preferable for different tasks. Turn the dial below the lowest setting and the mixer will be set to ‘pause’. Another innovative offering from this Sage stand mixer is the seriously clever weight sensor. When the weight of ingredients in the bowl is higher, the Scrape Mixer Pro recognises the increase, measures the load and adjusts the machine power automatically‐ whilst ensuring the speed of mixing isn’t affected. So, if you’re working with heavy mixtures or denser dough but need a faster speed for optimum results, the Sage Scrape Mixer Pro will readjust accordingly, without effort or lose of power. From folding, kneading and light mixing, to medium creaming and beating, and up to higher whipping speeds, this Sage machine assists simple and precision food preparation.

Extra fine techy details make this machine unique and even more efficient. A digital clock on the front of the mixer body counts the mixing time in minutes and seconds, so you’ll never over beat ingredients. Simply set the timer using the arrow button controls and when you begin mixing the clock starts ticking. When the machine stops, the timer pauses, making for accurately timed beating when you’re following a concise recipe. A plastic splashguard is also included with the Scrape Mixer Pro and is designed to avoid spillages and splatters when the mixer is working with light, floury or wet mixtures. The splashguard isn’t easily fitted to the bowl but can be placed on top before lowering the head‐ so it doesn’t always feel 100% secure when the machine is set to a high speed. A great plus point of the splashguard is, when you need to add additional ingredients partway through mixing, the spout on the splash guard means that you don’t need to lift the machine head or even stop mixing. Simply pour the extra ingredients through the funnel and continue beating, whisking, kneading or whipping!

The Sage by Heston Blumenthal Scrape Mixer Pro was designed with inspiration from the pros, exclusively for bakers to be able to mix up dreamy cake batters, pliable dough and delectable icings and fillings‐ and the outcomes don’t disappoint.