Review of the Bosch MUM46A1 Food Mixer

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  • Rubber suction feet for increased stability
  • Multifunctional arm
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The Bosch MUM46A1 has the humble title of ‘food mixer’- but it is much more than that. When you buy the MUM46A1 not only do you get a superior mixing machine for baking, bread making and cooking, you also benefit from a liquidiser and a host of additional food preparation accessories for day-to-day use. With a well known brand like Bosch, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

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The number of extras included with the purchase is phenomenal. With the Bosch MUM46A1, it is possible to complete a surprising number of basic baking and cooking tasks.


This machine will only get you so far when it comes to mixing- as the bowl isn’t quite big enough for bulk baking and the plastic body isn’t made for rigorous use.


The Bosch MUM46A1 does mixing and more! It’s a basic food processing all rounder that’s perfect for time-short home cooks ready to try some new techniques.

This kitchen machine embodies everything Bosch is known for; innovation, durability and long lasting style. Nothing is left to chance with the MUM46A1, as it offers the features you’d expect from a domestic food mixer plus tools and accessories that can take your home cooking to the next level. When assembled, the machine measures more than 25cm2 around the base and more than 30cm high. For most kitchens that is an appropriate size, without taking up valuable countertop or storage space. When you decide to change attachments or swop between functionalities, you will need space around the machine to lay the equipment out. Between the various functions and attachments, you may find yourself changing the apparatus often.

Beginning with the mixer itself, the motor has 550W power that, it’s safe to say, does the job for most mixing needs. There are 4 easily adjustable speed settings on the MUM46A1. It is possible to begin mixing gently, before increasing the speed when necessary. As powerful as it is, this Bosch mixer is quiet and discreet. Bosch has their very own ‘multi-motion drive’, which mixes a range of ingredient combinations well. The shape of the attachments and thorough motions of the mechanism ensure that the elements of your recipes are always all fully incorporated. There isn’t a pulsing option with this machine but the speed settings and various attachments offer enough control, so this shouldn’t be an issue for the majority of home cooks. With most stand mixers, you’d expect a little batter or mix to be left on the side of the bowl. This Bosch machine does a good job to limit this and you may find more mixture left on the blades than on the edges of the mixing bowl!

To counterbalance the high-powered machine, Bosch has fitted highly effective suction cups to the base of the MUM46A1. As the mixer does its thing, you’ll barely see a wobble. The mixer bowl capacity is an acceptable 3.9 litres, making it just right for average household use. If you are prone to making large batches of cupcakes, hosting big dinner parties, or if you plan to use your new mixer for a small home cooking business, this may not be the machine for you. The bowl is perfectly formed, though and made of hard-wearing, easy to clean stainless steel. Unfortunately, the body of the machine doesn’t look quite as stylish, as it is made from a dull grey plastic. However, this is a benefit when the machine needs to be moved or cleaned- as it is lightweight and easily wiped down.

Bosch MUM46A1 AttachmentsThe mixing attachments included with the MUM46A1 are a dough hook, beater and whisk. All three are stainless steel, with white plastic between the attaching end and the tool itself. By utilising the different speed settings available and these basic mixing tools you can effortlessly cream the beginnings of a cake batter, whisk up egg whites to your desired stiffness and knead dough. What’s more, the stainless steel attachments are dishwasher safe so cleaning is always a breeze too!

The major benefit of the Bosch MUM46A1 stand mixer is the fact that it’s more than just a mixer. There are chopping attachments for food preparation as well as an ever-popular liquidiser attachment. Shredding, slicing and grating discs come with the continuous shredder tool, enabling the speedy and even prepping of a variety of foods. Unlike most basic mixers, this machine asks to be used on a day-to-day basis- and maybe even more than once a day! With just one purchase you can liquidise fruit for breakfast, shred vegetables for lunch, knead dough for the weekend and of course the mixing function is there to help you promptly prepare dessert too! When it comes to using the array of extra functions- ensure you are familiar with the machine and read the instructions carefully. The slicing and chopping tools aren’t as easy to attach and use as the three basic mixing components. Once you’ve discovered the optimum speed settings for using these additional attachments you can prepare a range of vegetables and fruits quickly.

The little things make all the difference with the Bosch MUM46A1. As well as the steadying suction cups, there is internal cable storage, an overheating safety function, a holder for the attachments and all of the wonderful additional cooking accessories too. Neat and tidy, safe and multifunctional- this machine from Bosch is an all rounder with extras! If all of that isn’t enough, there are plenty more attachments available to purchase as add-ons to evolve your machine further. These include a grinding mill, an ice cream maker, a mince and a pastry mixture.

In its simplest form, this machine has a long list of attachments, tools and accessories that let you go the extra mile in your home kitchen, even after you’ve whisked, beaten and mixed your ingredients! Busy parents, young chefs and experimental home cooks who want to try new techniques will all love the wide range of easy to use functions that the Bosch MUM46A1 offers.