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  • Twin motors
  • Hand mixer capability
  • 12 variable speeds
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If your kitchen is anything like mine, there are numerous small appliances taking up space all over the place. Toaster, coffee pot, microwave, blender, stand mixer, and hand mixer, to name a few. While this mixer is certainly not a space saver, it does save space by have two appliances in one. Breville is a household name and has been producing kitchen appliances since the mid-1930’s. Their middle names are innovation and design, which is clearly evident when you start looking at the engineering behind this product, as well as the exterior appearance. This particular mixer is a two-in-one appliance which is very helpful because it means that you don’t have to buy two separate machines. The great thing about this mixer is that the stability and power are not compromised by having a two-in-one setup. The modern design is very stylish and yet has a robust construction. The handle is rubberized for easy gripping – especially when using the hand mixer. If you are a serious baker, this is a serious machine that can make your mixing a lot easier, more efficiently, and is an all-around great machine. Let us review the features and pros and cons of this machine.

What’s in the Box?

Breville Twin Food Mixer Attachments

This mixer comes with the basics attachments, plus four more and an extra spatula for good measure.

  1. Mixer and stand – a sleek and modern design; easy to detach from the stand, for a hand-held machine
  2. Stainless steel bowl – large capacity, easy clean up
  3. Dough hooks (2) – great for mixing up bread dough and pastries
  4. Beaters (2) – perfect for mixing up a wide range of mixes and ingredients
  5. Spatula – scrape the beaters and sides of the bowl with ease


Every appliance has things that can be considered pros and there are always cons; but sometimes this is a personal preference. Let us look at the pros and cons of this unit, in our humble opinion:


  • Twin motors
  • Hand mixer capability
  • 12 variable speeds
  • Soft start technology


  • A little heavy
  • No whisk attachment
  • No bowl lid


There are plenty of features that this food mixer offers. Flexible, efficient, powerful and modern – all these characteristics are present in this beautiful machine.

Twin Motors

First up is the twin motors. This patented 500w system has one motor that spins the attachments and another that spins the bowl. This action can blend the ingredients in less time and more thoroughly. This motor is also “intelligent” in that it senses when your machine needs a little extra power to ensure it mixes thoroughly. So, for those thick cookie dough recipes, this motor can handle them with greater efficiency and overall ease.

Hand Mixing Capability

Breville Hand Mixer

This mixer has the ability to release the mixer portion from the stand so you have a hand mixer. This means you have greater versatility for mixing in other containers rather than just the bowl.

Speed control

The attachments have 12 different speeds and the bowl has two speeds. This gives maximum control when mixing up different dough’s, mixes, sauces and meringues. The controls are conveniently located on the handle for easy access. Utilise the digital controls to increase and decrease your speed by using the + or – buttons for higher and lower speeds.

Soft Start

This mixer also has the fabulous soft start technology, meaning it starts in such a way that your ingredients will not be thrown from the bowl. This keeps your ingredients in the bowl and your kitchen cleaner.


A timer and a digital display set this mixer apart. It will time the length that you are mixing; the digital display shows the speed and the number of minutes the machine has been running. It gives you the opportunity to do other things in the kitchen to prepare for the rest of the recipe while your mix is simultaneously running.

Spring Loaded

Excellent mixing capabilities with the spring loaded beaters that reach to the bottom of the bowl incorporating all the ingredients completely.


A burst button is located conveniently on the handle for those times when you need an extra burst of power to get through thick, heavy mixes.


Stainless steel bowl with a 3.8 liter capacity. The bowl locks to the stand. The silver dial on the front displays the speeds of the bowl. It rotates easily for speed selection – high and low – and is easily changed with the large dial on the front of the machine.


The attachments include dual dough hooks that can completely knead your dough, without any horrible lumps. The hooks are constructed just slightly different and fit in the openings in one way. The mixer will not run if the dough hooks and beaters are not installed properly. The other attachments are dual beaters with rubber tips for a scraping action that will mix even better for a variety of mixes. These beaters are extra wide to reach all areas of the bowl as well. The beaters are also offset so they run closer to the edge of the bowl guaranteeing a better mix. The offset beaters also give a larger space to add additional ingredients.


Breville Digital Twin Food Mixer

There is also a convenient ejector button on this machine, which conveniently releases the beaters for easy clean up. Furthermore, a spatula is included for scraping the batter and other thick mixes from the bowl. You will find a handy instruction booklet in the box, containing useful recipes and mixing guides. This machine has a 1-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about being left with an expensive paperweight a few weeks after purchase. Lastly, this food mixer comes in white with a grey handle, which is a very neutral colour for most kitchens.


This mixer offers features that will not only cut down your mixing time, it will also ensure that every mix you make has a perfect consistency. The unit is perfect for making breads and pastries with the dough hooks; perfect for cakes and cookies utilising the beaters. The twin motors add power to the mixing action by turning the beaters and the bowl simultaneously. The variable speeds give you the versatility to mix all kinds of things – eggs, sauces, creams, mixes and dough’s. This mixer will not disappoint as it features all the aspects that any serious baker is looking for. This mixer is a combination of innovation and design that combines power and modern technology – the perfect combination for any kitchen.


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