Review of the Kenwood KMC570 Chef Premier

  • 3 power outlets for additional attachments
  • Large 4.6L stainless steel bowl with splash guard
  • Unique Thermoresist glass
  • Full Review Below..
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Kenwood are known for bringing professional and stylish equipment into domestic kitchens. When home cooking turns into something a little more serious, the Kenwood Premier Chef KMC570 is the answer. It’s a sturdy and multifunctional food mixer that can help budding chefs take meals and baking to the next level.

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The Kenwood Chef Premier is strong and simple to navigate, so anyone can feel confident using the basic functions and more advanced features.


With strength and stability comes weight and mass – and the KMC570 is no exception. The mixer and its add-ons will take up a fair amount of space in any home kitchen.

The Kenwood KMC570 delivers smart design, powerful functions and added extras for creating three course meals, baking masterpieces and everyday triumphs. With this stand mixer on your countertop, you’ll feel like a professional chef and serve up results just like one!


Whether you’re new to cooking, baking and break making, or are ready to apply some more technical processes to your homemade meals, the Kenwood KMC570 will last the duration. It incorporates the basic functions an amateur needs, as well as including more advanced features and the option to add more as you go. The power of the Kenwood Chef Premier is an impressive 1000 Watts, which is more than enough for day to day cooking and just right for recipes calling for more skills too. The main food prep attachment is the 4.6 litre mixing bowl. Made of brushed stainless steel and with high sides, the bowl is not only great to look at but functional for beating, creaming, whisking and kneading.


To complete starters, main courses and desserts, Kenwood provide you with a glass blender, which can be fitted atop the machine body and hooked up to the power outlet. As it’s made from innovative and thick safety glass, the blender is another heavy addition of this food prep package. You don’t need to be a heavy weight to lift it but some people may not enjoy heaving this weighty blender around their kitchen. Despite it’s bulky exterior, the blender attachment is very capable, with a large capacity for making sauces, soups, smoothies and more!


To manage a multitude of extra features, the KMC570 has 3 power outlets – one for the bowl attachment, as well as slow and fast outlets. To prepare different foods and use the variety of tools, you’ll need to switch between these power outlets. Thanks to these 3 power options, this Kenwood mixer makes light work of heavy mixing, kneading and beating, as the appropriate sockets and tools can withstand higher velocities and perform to their maximum potential.


Despite the impressive and professional standard specifications of the Kenwood KMC570 Chef, the buttons, dials and functions are simple and unimposing. To control the speed of your mixing, there’s a smooth dial which runs from minimum and a speed of ‘1’, through to ‘6’ and maximum velocity. As you begin to beat, cream or whisk your ingredients together, you can increase the speed and reach your desired consistency fast and efficiently. There is also a pulsing option on the dial, which is perfect for short and quick bursts of power at the final stages of mixing. The only other control on the KMC570 is a small release button for the head of the machine. When it’s time to add, swop or clean tools and attachments, simply press the button and gently lift the top of the mixer. This is a great feature, however you will need a workspace in your kitchen with enough height to lift and remove the tools.

The tools included with this food mixer machine offer everything you need to start whipping up savoury meals and sweet recipes quickly and effortlessly. Four basic mixing tool attachments come with the KMC570 – but in a professional larger ‘chef size’. Use the infamous Kenwood K-beater for powerful incorporation, the extra large whisk for whipping cream and whisking egg whites, the dough hook for kneading bread dough and finally, the rubber coated creaming beater for creating soft and smooth batters. Thanks to Kenwood’s innovative mixing technology, all of these tools are highly effective in their roles. The varied movements of the machine’s attachment socket and of the individual tools themselves are very thorough. So, after a full resolution, the beater, whisk or creamer covers each area of bowl, picking up every ingredient in its path. After sweeping their way around every inch of the bowl, the tools leave minimal excess batter around the sides. Not only does this mean that each element of your recipe will be included and full incorporated, the sides of your bowl will be left much cleaner!

Beneath the tools, functions and shiny exterior, the KMC570 continues to outdo itself, with safety features and little extras that add value to every use. Firstly, the handy blender that comes included with the mixer is made from ThermoResist glass. For home chefs, this means cooking can be speedy and hassle free, as the glass is designed specifically to withstand very hot and very cold temperatures, even in swift succession.


Another great feature of the KMC570 Chef Premier machine is for use during mixing. To help you keep your kitchen spick-and-span, Kenwood provide a useful plastic splashguard. It sits on top of the mixing bowl securely, allowing the machine head, with your chosen tool attached, to be lowered into a central circular hole. Then, when you start mixing, you won’t have to worry about any mess. At the front of the splashguard is a large opening with a lid, making it easy and tidy to pour in additional ingredients as you go. What’s more, when your culinary masterpiece has been created, you can wash most of the tools, attachments and parts in your dishwasher!

As you would expect, Kenwood thought of everything when they designed this stand mixer. Multiple functions, a robust build and added extras make the KMC570 a highly desirable addition for any kitchen countertop. Start off with the basics and before you know it, you’ll find that you can experiment so much more at every mealtime.