Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer Review: KMX80 Model

  • Planetary mixing action for better consistency
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Stylish design
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The Kenwood kMix KMX80 is not only an all-round versatile and powerful stand mixer that can tackle even the most complex food preparation jobs, it is also a stylish piece of art, competing with the beautiful Sage Scrape Mixer Pro in the kitchen beauty contest. The high quality parts and modern functions make it a machine that you will use everyday, and not just for the traditional tasks that you would associate with a food mixer. As an added bonus, Kenwood have gone to great lengths to design a piece of kit that looks fantastic, on any kitchen work surface.

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  • Attractive exterior design
  • ‘Soft Start’ function to avoid ingredients escaping the bowl
  • Planetary mixing action for increased air retention
  • Includes 2 power outlets for additional attachments
  • 5 year guarantee included


  • The extra attachments are a little expensive
  • Heavy and not easy to move around

Kenwood kMix KMX80 Stand MixerKenwood first entered the food mixer market more that 60 years ago with the Kenwood Chef and they have been producing high quality cooking equipment ever since. The KMX80 is a work of art in the kitchen, whilst still offering everyday practicality and ease of use for amateurs and professionals alike. If you are looking for a mid-range mixer that offers more functionality than the budget models at the lower end of the pricing scale, read on for our review of this machine.

Power and Performance

The 500W motor powering the KMX80 incorporates a planetary mixing action, which refers to how the beater moves in the bowl. Instead of moving in a circular motion around the bowl, the beater attached to this machine moves in one direction whilst the socket turns the other way, resulting in a better quality mix consistency. This is a feature that separates Kenwood from their competitors and we have to say that the results were noticeable, when inspecting the final product.

With a large 5.5 litre bowl with useful handles on the side to allow the user to easily lift and move the contents around the kitchen, the KMX80 is also a very practical piece of equipment. If you want to be able to prepare batches for large groups of people, this mixer will definitely provide the capacity that you will need. A unique fold function allows the bowl to revolve during the mix, allowing air to be retained within and resulting in a light, fluffy consistency. Furthermore, the Soft Start function means that each mix you are working on begins with a slow and gradual speed, slowly building up to the required pace, which avoids the bowl contents spilling onto the floor and over your clothes! Again, such functions separate the KMX80 from the cheaper kitchen alternatives and are indicators of a well-made and innovative product.


Kenwood have gone to great lengths to offer consumers a choice when it comes to the colour scheme of this product and we think they deserve a lot of credit for their sense of taste. Available in all kinds of jazzy colours including Barcelona Stripes, Almond Cream, Peppercorn Black and many more, this machine is great for those who want to make a statement, as well as those who are after something that will match the existing style and look of their kitchen. For what it is worth, we simply loved the colourful stripes of the model that we tested!


One of the first things we noticed when this machine arrived at our door was just how heavy it was! With high quality Stainless Steel parts, this is perhaps not surprising and for most users, it is actually a sign of superior build quality. There are plenty of budget mixers out there that weigh hardly anything but that is a result of the use of cheaper plastic parts that have a much shorter lifespan and are more prone to damage. Furthermore, most users rarely move their mixers around, so this shouldn’t be a big problem.


Attachments that are included with this machine are the standard ones that you receive with any food mixer; the balloon whisk for light mixes such as egg whites, k-beater for cake mixtures and pastry and lastly the dough hook for kneading tasty dough for breads. All three attachments are very high in quality and we wouldn’t expect them to break or get damaged very easily. There are also two power outlets on this machine that allow you to plug in a meat grinder and pasta extruder, making this machine far more than just a traditional stand mixer. It is worth noting that these two attachments are far from cheap, but perhaps that is to be expected when you consider the increased functionality that they offer the user.

Kenwood kMix KMX80 Attachments

One thing that we really liked when testing this machine was the fact that the splash guard, which prevents any of the mix splashing out of the bowl during use, has a gap incorporated into it that allows you to add ingredients while it is running, avoiding the hassle of having to stop and remove the guard. Furthermore, the bowl itself has a divot at the bottom, which avoids a clumpy buildup of ingredients that no amateur chef wants in their mix. If you have children that like to get involved with your kitchen activities, you’ll be pleased to learn that this machine is very safe, with an automatic shutdown feature that switches off the machine, as soon as the head is lifted.

Conclusion and Where to Buy the Kenwood kMix KMX80

In conclusion, the Kenwood kMix KMX80 is a stylish, sturdy, well-built food mixer that not only looks awesome in any kitchen, it also tackles the everyday and even the more complex food preparation tasks, with ease. There are plenty of unique design features that separates this product from its competition and we can clearly see why it is one of the most popular mixers on the market today.


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