Kenwood KM283 Prospero Kitchen Machine Reviewed

  • Powerful 900W motor
  • Large 4.3 litre stainless steel bowl
  • Unique planetary mixing action
  • Full Review Below..
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Small and resourceful is the best way to describe the Kenwood KM283. As with any Kenwood mixer, this machine gives you a range of practical functions with the addition of style and professional results. Not only do you get a mixer for beating and whisking, you also receive a blender and a small food processor! If you’re a budding home cook or are beginning to delve into the world of baking and bread making, the Prospero KM283 has everything you need to experiment at home without investing in a machine that infringes on the rest of your kitchen.

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The KM283 is compact, so will fit on your countertop and carry out all of your daily mixing and food preparation tasks effectively, without being overbearing.


Due to its size, the KM283 doesn’t give much room for growth if you want to experiment with larger amounts or heavier ingredients.


The beauty of the Prospero KM283 is its size and range of functionalities. It’s designed to help create exceptional home cooked meals and it delivers just that, from its moderately sized mixing bowl, food processor and blender. If, however, you want to make larger quantities, you will need to upgrade to a bigger machine.

Size and Weight

The compact Prospero KM283 measures in at 29.2cm high, 24.3cm wide and 31.3cm deep. The cleverly designed body is slightly flatter at the back so you can store it on your counter top, in a corner of the kitchen, or in a cupboard. When it comes to lifting the machine head to switch attachments the mixer is light enough to move forward, allowing the head to be lifted fully. Not only is the machine itself compact, Kenwood have managed to condense the extras too, helping to make this mixer suitable for almost any kitchen. The power cord can be stored beneath the machine and the bowl fits nicely within the body, without protruding from the front too much.

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Considering the small dimensions of this mixer, the stainless steel bowl is a good size with high sides. It has a capacity of 4.3 litres, which is plenty for everyday cooking or baking but not quite enough for larger quantities. For example, you can whisk only 8 egg whites with this machine and knead just half the amount of a standard bread dough recipe. However, there is still a lot a home cook can do to create quick evening meals or make standard sized cakes.

Power and Functionality

Kenwood created the Prospero food mixer for everyday use- but with 900W of power behind it, it’s by no means basic. Even though the size of the machine is small compared to other models, Kenwood have ensured that there’s no lose in its effective food mixing. High power and reliable attachment tools make the KM283 as functional as you’ll need for day to day cooking, special occasion baking, more adventurous desserts and other creations.

An attractive plus of this machine is that it is really a 3-in-1 food processor. Along with the food mixing capabilities, your Kenwood Prospero KM283 purchase includes a plastic blender and a plastic food processor. A citrus press is also included and can be hooked up to the machine for effortless lemon juicing. These handy additions sit simply on top of the machine when in use, so there’s still no need for more counter space. To support every component of the KM283 there are 3 power outlets- slow for use with the mixing functions, medium for food processing and high speed for blending.kenwood prospero km283


When using the main mixing function you have the choice of 3 attachment tools– the infamous Kenwood K Beater, a dough hook and a whisk. The speed control dial works alongside Kenwood’s total mixing action, allowing you to begin mixing at a slow speed and increase the pace, whilst your chosen attachment ensures everything in the bowl is fully incorporated. The K Beater is coated, making it non-stick and is shaped in a way that works with Kenwood’s rotating motions. Although you may not have a completely clean bowl after mixing greasier ingredients, such as butter, the K Beater does a good job of ensuring the elements of your recipe are well mixed. Attach the whisk, which is also non-stick, to create perfectly whisked egg whites or whip up beautifully light creams. The bulbous balloon shape of the Kenwood whisk makes it adaptable for whisking anything from 1 egg to 8. Finally, Kenwood also include a useful dough hook with the Prospero KM283. Although the dough hook does work well to incorporate the ingredients of bread and helps to knead formed dough, this lightweight machine doesn’t seem comfortable with heavy duty dough stretching, like some larger, more robust Kenwood models are.

In addition to the main functions and features that are part of the KM283, Kenwood provide additional tools to make cooking easy- including a citrus press, cutting and shredding discs and a splashguard. The removable splashguard is made of plastic and sits nicely on the rim of the bowl. The guard features a handy spout like hole allowing you to pour in extra ingredients as you mix- perfect for the slow incorporation of wet ingredients or the final addition of nuts, chocolate chips and other flavourings.

Considering the full package of this one purchase, you can create meals that will not only be quick to prepare but emerge looking professional too. From savoury meals, sauces and accompaniments, to impressive desserts and simple cakes, you’ll have an established repertoire in no time with the Prospero KM283 on hand!

Conclusion and Where to Buy the Kenwood Prospero

Thanks to the usual attention to detail from Kenwood, the Prospero is designed with the domestic kitchen in mind, whilst providing ample opportunity for you to feel like a professional cook. Whether you’re stepping fresh into the world of baking and cooking at home, or are tight for space, the Kenwood Prospero KM283 will be a welcome addition to your kitchen and offer the longevity, flexibility and speed you’d expect from Kenwood- as well as some room for experimenting too.