Russell Hobbs Desire Kitchen Machine Food Mixer Review

  • Splash guard with roomy spout
  • Aluminium tools
  • Safety non-slip feet
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For a session of heavy duty baking, say for the holidays or a family picnic, you could struggle with a hand mixer and assorted wooden spoons to get all the biscuits, rolls and tart fillings made, but why bother when a food mixer will do half the work for you?

Take the Russell Hobbs 20350 Desire Kitchen Machine. You know Russell Hobbs, that old family friend who has an established reputation for quality kitchen appliances. Here its sleek black and red shell conceals 700 watts of power that will cream icings and sauces, knead doughs, and beat dense biscuit dough into a malleable ball of goodness.

You can find food mixers with many more bells and whistles, but consider what your baking output is before you say yes to a price tag with many zeroes after it. Do you own a catering company? Do you have more than a dozen in your family insisting on homemade bread and cream puffs every day? Do you need a professional quality mixer that will churn away for hours at a time without needing a timeout?

Or, are you the typical home baker who likes to make light work of the everyday kitchen tasks, kneading, beating, and whisking, to produce food-show worthy treats while giving yourself a timeout.


Russell Hobbs 20350 Desire Kitchen Machine

Planetary Action

The attachments on the Russell Hobbs 20350 spin in one direction while rotating completely around the bowl in another. Though this sounds like trying to cross your eyes and run backwards, it’s actually called planetary action and the best new feature in modern mixers, allowing more thorough incorporation of ingredients and less wear and tear on the motor. You’ll also find yourself having to scrape down the sides of the bowl less often.

Non-Slip Feet

It’s often the little things in life that matter, like the Russell Hobbs’ four rubber feet that keep it stationary during operation. Have you ever had to chase a mixer across the counter while kneading a bread dough? This mixer stays put and does its job without you having to wrestle it into place.

Splash Guard

Don’t you hate it when a mixer revs up to speed and starts throwing your ingredients across the kitchen? You can put a tea towel over it to keep yourself and your counter tidy, but what about when you need to add ingredients or want to take a look at how the dough is progressing? That’s when you’ll fall in love with the transparent splash guard. Easy to attach and detach during operation, it also has one of the widest mouths of any splash guard in its field so there’s no worry about pouring cream or adding flour with ease at any stage of the mixing.

Russell Hobbs 20350 Desire


Not only does the Russell Hobbs offer five varying speeds for any kitchen task, from lightly whisking omelets to working stiff biscuit doughs, all smoothly maneuvered with a dial instead of a pesky lever, it has a pulse feature. This means you can tease the last bit of airiness out of your egg whites without overbeating and drying them out, or whipping your cream to the perfect degree of stiffness without turning it into butter, all accessible with a simple turn of a dial.


At 700 watts, the Russell Hobbs is up to the task, whether you need to mash the carrots and potatoes to a silky puree, create a towering meringue, or knead your favorite bread dough. No drag or slowing down when you’re tackling a dense, wheaty mixture that would be impossible by hand.

Pop-up Lid

With its quick release action, you can flip up the head of the machine for easy access to the bowl.


The Desire Kitchen Machine offers the essential three mixer attachments made of aluminum for lightness during operation:

  • Dough Hook-The dough hook is a single use essential, it’s sole purpose is to knead flour and shortening into light, delectable bread and complex pastry doughs.
  • Whisk-The whisk churns eggs and cream into clouds of meringues and mousses, or smooth, velvety sauces.
  • Beater- The beater takes the time and work out of mixing cakes, tart fillings and biscuits.
  • 4.5L Stainless Steel Bowl- The Russell Hobbs offers a large 4.5 litre stainless steel bowl, roomy enough for any recipe. Eye-catching on the counter, while easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


34 cm x 37.8 cm x 22.2 cm
Weight: 6 Kg

In The Box

  • Russell Hobbs 20350 Desire Kitchen Machine
  • 4.5L Stainless steel bowl
  • Aluminium dough hook
  • Aluminium whisk
  • Aluminium beater
  • Splash guard


  • Splash guard with roomy spout
  • Aluminium tools
  • Safety non-slip feet
  • Instruction booklet
  • Ease of use


Some users complain of noise at high speed


Russell Hobbs 20350 Desire Kitchen Machine Stand Mixer

Morphy Richards 400403 Accents Folding

If money is an issue you can drop down in price and quality to the interesting entry level machine, that actually folds to a third of its height for storage. Definitely a selling point, as is the dial that offers 6 variable speeds. But what you gain in value, you lose in power. At 300 watts you’ll have to take it easy on those occasions when you face production baking and need to run it at high speeds for multiple operations. Expect many traffic delays as you wait for it to cool off.

VonShef Electric

Free 2 Year Warranty with Dough Hook, Beater, Whisk & Splash Guard splits the difference pricewise, though the power drops down to 650 watts. It does offer 6 speed settings plus the pulse function and the standard, dough hook, flat beater and balloon whisk attachments.


We like the Russell Hobbs 20350 Desire Kitchen Machine for making kitchen drudgery effortless at an attractive price point, from a manufacturer with a reputation for quality and integrity. The sleek two-tone red and black exterior also makes an appealing fashion statement on your counter.


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