Russell Hobbs 18553 Kitchen Machine Blender and Mixer Reviewed

  • 10 speed settings, for absolute control
  • The splash guard cuts down on messes, while the window makes adding ingredients a breeze
  • The 4.6 litre mixing bowl can hold more than average
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Are you a kitchen savant looking for the perfect stand mixer that will help with all of your culinary concoctions? If you want the best mixer possible to help whip eggs and knead dough, then you should consider purchasing the Russell Hobbs 18553 Kitchen Machine Blender and Mixer. This is a sturdy piece of equipment, with adhesive feet that are designed to stick to the counter that it is on. This adds to the power of this wonderful mixer. To avoid messes, it also comes with a clear plastic splash guard. To help when adding in more ingredients, this guard has a convenient window. All in all, this is a wonderfully high-tech and durable option for your kitchen!



  • 10 speed settings, for absolute control
  • The splash guard cuts down on messes, while the window makes adding ingredients a breeze
  • Adhesive feet lock to the surface, so that it doesn’t spin while its attachments do, nor does it rock under heavy weight
  • It has planetary rotations, so there are no unmixed pockets
  • The 4.6 litre mixing bowl can hold more than average


  • The cord is short, so you should have an outlet nearby
  • Only three included attachments
  • It is rather heavy, but powerful


Though a bit on the expensive side, the Russell Hobbs 18553 Kitchen Machine is a powerful, long-lasting machine. Thus, it is worth its price tag of £229.99.

What it is

The 18553 Kitchen Machine is a powerful kitchen stand mixer. It comes with three different attachments, and more attachments can be purchased separately. This mixer has a total of ten different speed settings, perfect for the cook who uses a lot of different recipes that require just as many different speeds. This machine can be used for everything from whipping eggs into frothy peaks to kneading thick bread dough before baking. The large 4.6 litre bowl is certainly large enough for any and all of these jobs; it’s perfect for the eager home chef looking to make large batches. But, so that those batches of delicious food don’t require you to mop up your entire kitchen, there is a transparent plastic splash guard, to minimilise spills. If you need to add in ingredients while you’re mixing, no worries: There is a window available, so that you can slip ingredients in with ease! This is, by far, one of the most useful stand mixers for everyday and hobbyist cooks alike.

What it does

This mixer comes with the attachments needed to whip, mix, or knead dough. Because of that, it can do almost anything. The planetary rotation that it uses is great for making sure that all ingredients, wet and dry, get mixed in properly. You’ll never have to worry if there are areas of unmixed powder again! The ten speeds can also adapt to any and all recipes, making it a true do-anything mixer. Since it runs on 800 Watts, it’s guaranteed to be powerful enough to mix anything and everything you might need.

What it comes with

The Russell Hobbs 18553 Kitchen Machine comes with the same standard equipment that most mixers come with: The mixer itself, a beater attachment, a whisk attachment, and a dough hook attachment. However, it has two other things included. One is a manual, telling you how to use and care for your new mixer. The second is a bit less immaterial, but decidedly more valuable: A one-year warranty.

russell hobbs kitchen machine attachments


Used for most general recipes, this is the basic attachment, and the one that you’ll most likely use with the most frequency. It works well for mixing batters and sauces, or anything else that doesn’t require extra lift or kneading.


This is used for adding air, and thus volume, to a mixture. Primarily used for whipping egg whites, meringues, cheesecakes, mousses, soufflés, and other light, fluffy foods. Works much like the standard hand whisk most people know, only with much great efficiency.

Dough Hook

This takes the work of kneading bread, and takes it out of your (no longer aching) hands! Because, to get a light, airy loaf of bread, you have to spend a while kneading the dough, it can be tough on a hobby baker or someone turning out small batches for a home business. But, with the dough hook attachment, you’ll be turning out more loaves than ever! This attachment will saving your sore arms, as well as result in lighter, better bread.


russell hobbs kitchen machine

This food mixer has a very modern design to it, making it a beautiful addition to your or anyone else’s kitchen. Though quite heavy at 8 kilograms, it is a wonderful silver colour, and looks very modern and sleek. The clear splash guard in particular is sure to draw the eye, just as much as the lines of the stand mixer itself. The feet being able to adhere to your counter is definitely a win when it comes to engineering design, making it far easier to deal with. All together, it’s a very fashionable appliance for your kitchen that will blend in with almost any decorating scheme you might have. A great choice.


The Russell Hobbs 18553 Kitchen Machine is a mixer with a lot of virtues and very few problems or failures. While a bit large with a cord that might make positioning it difficult, it has feet engineered to stick to the counter it is set on, making it more stable than other mixers. It offers three attachments, which are the most common offered, but also offers a one year warranty, which isn’t offered by every company. There is a splash guard, with a window to allow the user to add extra ingredients without stopping the mixer. The design aesthetic is incredible, with a silver finish to its aluminium body, as well as a transparent window to the splash guard. It is a great stand mixer for either the budding cook or the experienced chef.


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