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Close your ears if you can’t take strong talk. Okay, you’ve been forewarned, here it comes. The holidays are just around the corner. Gulp. And you know what that means. Marathon baking sessions for all those festive occasions you will plan, up to and including New Year’s celebrations. And yes, it’s not too soon to start your baking marathons.

So pull out your favorite recipes for fruit cakes, cookies, buttercream cakes, and savory breads and rolls to pack in your freezer now. You don’t want last minute panic attacks when you realise party and gift-giving dates are upon you and you’re not ready. Don’t say you didn’t get a heads-up, along with a tip to make all that mixing, whisking and beating a lot easier.

The 21200 Russell Hobbs Aura hand and food mixer will take the hard work out of batters, cake mixes, whipping eggs and dough making without dealing a death blow to your bank account. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Russell Hobbs Aura Food Mixer



Doing double duty as a stand and hand mixer, this Russell Hobbs gives you 300 watts of power to assure your mixer stands up to the toughest kitchen chores you throw at it. This is especially significant when it comes to the hand mixer feature, as usually these smaller appliances rarely go above 100 watts of power.

Hand mixer

And what about that two-for one-advantage the Russell Hobbs has over other stand mixers? You’ll appreciate it when you have finished the heavy lifting portion of a recipe, say incorporating sugar, eggs, and butter for a cake, and want to do a quick sauce for your main course before you continue adding flour and liquids to your cake. Simple detach the mixer from its stand, walk over to the mixing bowl with your sauce ingredients, whip them together and return to your cake, reattaching the mixer to stand and you’re ready to go. For preparing small batches, such as whipping toppings for fruit, or even pureeing a soup over the stove, you will find many uses for this convenient feature.


Speed equals control and the Russell Hobbs offers five speed settings to ensure you get the consistency you want depending on the ingredients you’re using. It also offers an added turbo setting for an extra blast of power when you’re up against a heavy cookie dough or thick potato mash. The 300 W hand mixer can be used on its own or on its stand as a compact stand mixer. You can also control the speed while the unit is in motion.


Russell Hobbs 21200 Aura Attachments

Made from durable, dishwasher safe stainless steel, the two sets of attachments will cover all the bases for whipping, creaming, kneading and mashing. The quick eject button ensures safe and easy removal.


When you need a second set of hands in the kitchen you will turn to the beater attachments of the Russell Hobbs Aura. You will use them for most of your recipes, from whipping up feather light cake batters to vegetable mashes and pastry dough’s.

Dough Hooks

Turn to the dough hooks to make light work of mixing and kneading breads, rolls and pizza dough’s. If you haven’t tasted the difference between store bought and homemade baked goods, you won’t go back once you start whipping up your own with the Russell Hobbs.


The mixer comes with a 3.5 L stainless steel mixing bowl, large enough for double batches. When the machine is on it drives the bowl causing it to rotate, meaning the beaters reach deep into the bottom, thoroughly combining your ingredients.


Style is always a consideration when you are choosing an appliance that will take up space on your kitchen counter. This smart white mixer has clean lines that will appeal to modern, country chic or retro décor. In premium white with matte black accents, it compliments any color scheme. An added bonus is that the surface is easy to clean.

Russell Hobbs Aura Mixer

Light Your Way

This clever feature lights up when you turn on the mixer. It’s handy for checking to see how well your batters are combing and making sure there are no clumps of flour or butter in the bottom of the bowl.

Consumer Confidence

When you pay hard earned money for a kitchen appliance you want more than style and convenience, you want confidence in the product. The name Russell Hobbs is synonymous with quality and durability.

What’s In The Box?

  • Base Unit
  • Large 3.5 L stainless steel mixing bowl with manual rotation
  • One pair of stainless steel beaters
  • One pair of stainless steel dough hooks


Item Weight: 3 Kg
Product Dimensions: 35.4 x 29.4 x 24.4 cm


Where to start? The price point, the ability to switch from hand mode to stand mode, speed and power, the reliability of the maker.


It would be nice to have a balloon whisk, as other stand mixers do, but the trade-off is the ability to use it as a hand mixer.


For comparison purposes, you might want to look at the Kenwood HM680 Chefette. At a slightly higher price point you get an extra 50 watts of power. However, if style is important to you, you’ll also get a clunky footprint compared to the sleek lines of the Russell Hobbs. It offers five speeds and a pulse function, two stainless steel beaters and dough hooks, a 3L stainless steel bowl and a splash guard. The beaters have an interlocking safety system. Though it is a serviceable model, users complain that it’s loud and have issues with quality on the plastic parts.

If you are interested in viewing our top picks of the best budget stand mixers available today, check out this post.


The versatility of the Russell Hobbs, offering the ability to use it as a hand mixer or stand, along with its powerful motor, 5 speeds and attractive price point make this stand mixer a sure winner.


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