Savisto 1260W Retro Food Stand Mixer Review

  • Solid construction
  • Large bowl to accommodate double recipes
  • Varying speeds that are easy to adjust
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Productivity is the buzzword of the day. In business, in workouts, and at home, everyone is trying to streamline their day to fit in a few more tasks in too few hours. On the home front, this is made easier with a heavy-duty stand mixer that takes much of the time-consuming work out of producing special meals. When you need to churn out large batches of baked goods for a special occasion or fill out a holiday menu for the family, you can feel like you need an extra pair of hands. The eye catching Savisto 1260W food mixer, a standout in a contemporary or country kitchen, is your productivity partner.


Whether you’re a novice cook, aspire to professional status, or do your duty turning out delicious, nutritious meals for the family, the list of features in the Savisto will help you realise your culinary dreams. It does for the many satisfied customers who sing its praises.


It all begins with the powerful 800W motor that is capable of reaching 1260W for heavy duty tasks. If you need to knead bread or mix a double batch of your favourite dense cookie dough, the Savisto is your friend. Yet, on low speeds, the Savisto is gentle enough to mix delicate cake batters without having them break down during baking.

Six Speeds

Whether you need to gently fold a cake batter or whisk egg whites at high speed, the Savisto 1260W food mixer is up to the task. You can dial in six varying speeds from low to high, and for heavy-duty mixes, pulse to a maximum 1260W.


The Savisto comes fully loaded, which includes four attachments to ease your baking experience.


The workhorse of the tool kit is the beater attachment, which takes the elbow grease out of time consuming mixing, beating, folding and creaming tasks. Use it for icings, creams, batters, soft doughs and mashes, among other things. Paddle shaped, this Sasvisto Mixer Attachmentsheavy-duty die cast beater reaches deep into the bowl so your ingredients are thoroughly mixed.


Produce lighter than air meringues, soufflés and whipped creams with the large stainless steel balloon whisk. The wires are wide enough to encompass the bowl to fully incorporate air into cake mixtures, and batters with ease.

Dough Hook

How often have you salivated over a recipe for fresh bread or homemade pizzas but decided they were too much work? Now you can fill your kitchen with the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread or other oven treats because the Savisto’s die cast dough hook makes kneaded dough’s easy. The uniquely angled hook will gather, blend and knead the dough in no time, with perfect results every time.

Transparent Splash Guard

Most mixers of this size come with a splash guard, but not all splash guards do the job. The Savisto provides a transparent guard that attaches easily with a wide enough mouth to ensure you can add ingredients smoothly during operation as well as protect you and your worktop from splashes from messy ingredients.

Large Bowl

Bowl size and shape is important and the Savisto comes with a deep 5.5L bowl that keeps your ingredients from spraying over the top and a large handle for easy manoeuvring. The bowl locks in place for stability during operation.

Silicone Spatula

This thoughtful tool makes up for the scraping paddle on some very high priced machines that scrapes the bowl as it mixes. You can never have enough spatulas.

Stationary Feet

Anti-slip feet, one on each corner, keep the Savisto from creeping across the counter during operation.

Recipe Booklet

For aspiring cooks, the manual and recipe booklet offers inspiration and guidance to make sure you get the most out of this powerful machine.


Dimensions: 42.2 x 37 x 26.2 cm
Weight: 6 Kg


  • Solid construction
  • Large bowl to accommodate double recipes
  • Complimentary recipe book
  • Varying speeds that are easy to adjust
  • Retro styling
  • 2 year warranty
  • Good value


  • Can be loud on high speed
  • Does not have attachment that sweeps side of the bowl
  • Occasionally does not reach ingredients at bottom of the bowl


If you are a comparison shopper, the Duronic SM100 with planetary mixing action and 3 mixing attachments may catch your eye.

The black, Duronic Food Stand Mixer boasts an energy efficient 450w motor and 4 litre Stainless steel bowl and sleek design. It comes with the standard 3 attachments similar to the Savisto, a die cast dough hook, though its beater is plastic not stainless steel, and it does have a stainless steel whisk. The 450W motor has planetary mixing action, and while not as powerful as the Savisto, the Duronic is up to most basic tasks.

The stainless steel mixing bowl has convenient safety handles, always a plus on a mixer bowl, and the Duronic Mixer is a very cost efficient appliance. However, consumers complain of the quality and there are ease of use issues with this product.

At the lower end of the price range you might consider the VonShef 2 in 1 Twin Hand and Stand Mixer, Black, 300W, Free 2 Year Warranty, with 5 Speeds & Turbo Function. It includes 3.5L Bowl, 2x Beaters, 2x Dough Hooks & Whisk. With it’s smaller bowl and less powerful motor, it’s limitations in comparison to the Savisto are obvious. However it does have the advantage of being a hand mixer as well.

Lastly, the Cooks Professional is another great contender, with a powerful 800w motor and massive 5 litre bowl.

The 2 in 1 mixer are a nice addition to the kitchen for light jobs. They are compact, versatile and functional. Standard accessories include beaters, dough hooks, whisk and a 3.5L stainless steel mixing bowl. It also has a convenient eject button that makes changing accessories easy. While fit for light duty, at 1.2 Kg, it’s clear this is not up to the heavy lifting holiday production baking requires or a day of baking bread to fill up the freezer for the month.


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