Swan SP20140N Stand Mixer Reviewed

  • Variable Speed Settings
  • 2 year warranty
  • Includes three attachments
  • Compact and easy to store
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The Swan SP20140N is a budget food mixer that packs a hell of a punch. Affordable and compact, this little machine is perfect for those who don’t have a fortune set aside to splash out on an expensive piece of equipment. Whether you are an amateur chef who is just getting started with baking, or an experienced kitchen whiz who wants a cheap and cheerful mixer for everyday use, this could well be the mixer for you.

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  • Variable Speed Settings
  • 2 year warranty
  • Includes three attachments
  • Compact and easy to store


  • Noisey

Size and Weight

The first thing we noticed when we lifted this mixer out of its box was just how compact it is, measuring just 33.3cm in length by 22.2cm in width and 39.5cm in height. What this means is that it is much easier to store inside smaller cupboards and storage areas in your kitchen and is particularly advantageous for those with small kitchens. Furthermore, it only weighs 4.6kg, meaning that it is very easy to pick up and move to another spot, without straining yourself, which is a huge plus for the elderly or disabled.

Swan SP20140N Attachments


Included with the Swan SP20140N are three attachments that will tackle all of the regular baking jobs that these machines are designed to make light work of. This includes the dough hook, beater and whisk, which will allow you to knead bread, whisk egg whites and whip creams, as well as a host of other mixing tasks. All three attachments are solid die cast, which basically means that they are strong and will last a long time, so don’t worry about having to replace them any time soon. We found all of the attachments very easy to clip on and they did a pretty good job of reaching all of the ingredients in the bowl. Also included in the box is a spatula, which is very useful for pushing ingredients back into the mix, if and when they start clinging to the top of the bowl.

Performance and Features

There is one feature that surprised us with this machine because you usually do not find it included with the budget mixers and that is a splash guard. This incredibly useful add-on will stop any of the ingredients escaping the bowl and splashing you whilst the mixer is turning, which equates to no annoying clean ups or lost time. It may sound like a small thing but we were very pleased to see such a useful extra included with a piece of kit that is so cheap. You can choose whether you attach the splash guard or not but as a general rule it is worth using for medium sized to large mixes.

The motor powering this machine has 350W of power, which is definitely smaller than those found on the more expensive mixers but still more than adequate for the bowl size and mixing capacity. There are three variable speed settings available, which make it easy to control the speed of the mix and avoid lumpy consistencies and straining the motor unnecessarily. We did notice that the noise level is a little high when using the highest speed setting, but this is quite common amongst the cheaper machines and is to be expected. As long as you remember that this mixer is not designed for massive loads, you’ll find it more than adequate for your needs.


Let’s face it, style is an important factor to be considered when buying any piece of equipment for the home so let’s take a look at the exterior of this product shall we? A neutral white plastic casing with a chrome surround at the top of the machine is a great choice, in our opinion, because it means the product will go with the existing decor and style of just about any kitchen. Some stand mixers are decorated with bold colours and extravagant designs but this little guy has been designed to fit in with whatever you already have going on in your kitchen, instead of standing out on its own.

Swan SP20140N Stand Mixer

The Brand

Swan is a well established and trusted British brand that has been turning out high quality electronic appliances for decades now. You can be confident that the manufacturing behind this machine, as well as the parts used, are reliable and safe, which is backed up by their standard 2 year warranty that is included with this mixer.  In an age where nearly all electronics come to the UK on container ships from China, it is nice to see a homegrown brand competing with the bigger boys on the market today.

Conclusion and Where to Buy the Swan SP20140N

In conclusion, the Swan SP20140N stand mixer is an affordable little workhorse that is perfect for those who want to prepare mixes for small groups of people, or the average sized family. Built with high quality parts and a motor that is more than up to the tasks that you’ll be using it for, it is hard to criticise this machine, especially when you consider the low cost. The only downside is the amount of noise it produces when working hard but to be honest it shouldn’t put you off buying one.


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