Tefal Kitchen Machine Stand Mixer Reviewed

  • Huge amount of functionality
  • Powerful 900W motor & variable speed settings
  • Large 4.6l Stainless Steel bowl
  • Planetary Movement Action for a better mix
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The Tefal Kitchen Machine is far more than just a stand mixer, offering mincing, blending and juicing functionality that will significantly cut down the amount of time spent in your kitchen, preparing your favourite foods. If you like the idea of owning one single machine that can tackle a huge range of jobs, this may well be the product for you. A very reasonable asking price only adds to the reasons why this offering from Tefal should at the very least, be on your list of mixers to consider.

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  • Huge amount of functionality
  • Powerful 900W motor & variable speed settings
  • Large 4.6l Stainless Steel bowl
  • Planetary Movement Action for a better mix


  • Confusing amount of attachments

Features and Accessories

Tefal Kitchen Machine BlenderWhen you think of the standard food mixer machine, you probably envisage a product that has been built to whisk, knead and whip ingredients to the desired consistency of the user. Indeed, the reason why we buy stand mixers is to take the heavy lifting out of such jobs and they really are fantastic at doing just that. However, modern mixers are increasingly turning their hands to more complex tasks that may have absolutely nothing to do with baking, which means that we can tackle an incredible amount of kitchen based work with them. The Tefal Kitchen Machine is one such product, offering not just exceptional mixing power but also a host of other opportunities, such as shredding and slicing of cheeses and vegetables. After all, why should you chop by hand when you can let a machine do all of the work? Furthermore, you can also mince meat through this machine, which is perfect for when your family fancies a spaghetti bolognaise and you want to knock one up from scratch! Lastly, the 1.5L blender attachment will even allow you to make delicious and healthy fruit juice, as well as soups and even cocktails, for those evenings when you have guests over and you want to impress! One possible downside of such a huge amount of additional attachments is the fact that it is quite confusing learning how to clip them on and off the machine, so we would definitely recommend studying the instruction manual before you start, should you decide to purchase this piece of kit.

Tefal Kitchen Machine WhiskThis incredible functionality is backed up by the standard, high quality attachments that make up the core mixing arsenal, including the beater for all of your light doughs, kneading hook for heavy-duty doughs and the multi-wire whisk for light and airy creams. All of these attachments are die-cast, which basically means they are very strong and are likely to last a very long time, so don’t go worrying about breaking them very easily. With these three attachments you’ll be armed with everything you need to tackle all of the everyday mixing tasks.

One of the innovative features that makes this machine stand out from the crowd is the Planetary Movement, which refers to the way that the head and the tools rotate simultaneously while the machine is running. All you need to know is that this leads to a faster, more efficient and more consistent final mix, which can only be a good thing.


The bowl included with this mixer is a large one, with a capacity of 4.6L, which means that you can prepare large batches of ingredients, should you ever need to. A lot of the smaller, budget food mixers have significantly lower capacities which limits the amount of ingredients you can deal with at any one time. You also get a splashguard with this package, which is great because it prevents any of the ingredients escaping the bowl and making a mess of your kitchen. Another nice little feature that we noticed was the retractable power cord, which we liked because it means that you don’t have excess cord taking up realestate on your kitchen work surface.


This mixer has 6 speed settings, which means that it is very easy to control the pace of the mix and therefore the consistency of the final product. As an added bonus, you are also given an extra pulse setting, which ensures that you don’t over-process your ingredients, which is something that most of us do without even realising, on a regular basis.


In terms of style, the Tefal Kitchen Machine can compete with the big boys in the looks department, including the Scrape Mixer Pro and Kenwood kMix, with a sleek exterior design that will take pride of place in any kitchen. There are plenty of mixers out there decorated with extravagant colours and designs but this machine is more subtle, in an attractive white colour that will match the existing style of your kitchen, whatever it may be.

Conclusion and Where to Buy the Tefal Kitchen Machine

In conclusion, this mixer from Tefal offers all of the powerful functionality that you would expect from a modern stand mixer, plus an additional range of functionality that really transforms it into an all-round kitchen workhorse, capable of saving you time and hard work on nearly all kitchen based tasks. A competitive price tag and fantastic design make it a strong contender for anyone looking for a new food mixing machine for their home.


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