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  • Instruction booklet with ideas for recipes
  • Detachable head for using as a hand mixer
  • Easy storage
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Not every home cook wants to shell out £999 for a top of the line food mixer. Indeed, not every home cook would know what to do with all those bells and whistles. Let’s face it, how often do you make breads and pastries from different cultures around the world? If the answer is never, then read on.

If saving for your next holiday is more important than spending your hard earned money on a showpiece for your kitchen that will see minimal use, but you do want the convenience of a power mixer, then the Wahl James Martin ZX868X Hand and Stand combo is made with you in mind.


Wahl Food Mixer


The first question the smart consumer asks when considering a stand mixer is how much of a workhorse it is. Well, let’s be frank. At 300 watts, the Wahl James Martin is probably not the machine to outfit a bakery, with its demand for non-stop production of breads and pastries. It would be like asking a baby to bench press its own weight. Not going to happen.

But for whipping up toppings for berries, churning a batch of potatoes into a smooth mash for a special dinner, mixing a batter for a birthday cake, or to lend a hand when you want to make the pastry crusts for a summer fruit pie, you can’t go wrong with the Wahl James Martin, it will deliver on every count. But this is no lightweight, as you’ll see when you need to put it through its paces for the occasional bread dough or to whip towering egg whites for a soufflé.

Adjustable Speeds

Unlike a lot of small power mixers, the ZX868X is not a simple on and off mechanism. You get all the control you need to achieve the perfect consistency for a wide array of recipes with its 5 adjustable speeds and a special turbo boost for those times when the mixture needs an extra push.

Splash Guard

A feature that will endear this mixer to your heart is the inclusion of a transparent splash guard to prevent the contents of the bowl from spraying you and your kitchen when it’s at top speed.

Rotating Bowl

The large 3.5L capacity is not the only attractive feature of the bowl on this mixer. The bowl actual rotates so the beaters reach sides and bottom.

Removable Hand Mixer

Wahl Hand Mixer

One of the key selling points of the Wahl James Martin is that you essentially get two mixers in one. For more rigorous jobs such as stiff doughs, put it to work as a traditional food mixer, leaving your hands free to perform other tasks while it whisks and whips creams and batters.

But when you want to quickly whip eggs for a weekend brunch or smooth out your gravy, detach the mixer from the stand and use it as a hand mixer. This feature can also make storage easy in cramped quarters.


The Wahl James Martin ZX868X comes with a set of durable stainless steel beaters and dough hooks, sufficient to make light work of most cookery tasks.

An added feature is the easy eject button, an important safety function for safe and easy removal of the beaters and dough hooks.

Instruction Booklet and Recipe Guide

A master cook may not require a guide to use this machine, but many new users will be trying out their skills as bakers and need the confidence of a step by step instruction booklet. With so many manuals only available online these days, having one in your hand is a real boon. Not only that, the timid cook will receive encouragement and inspiration from the many mouthwatering recipes included in the booklet.

Manufacturer Reputation

Two companies, with reputations going back 90 years, Wahl and James Martin, came together to produce this crowd pleaser, according to its many reviews. Together they are known world wide for their high quality products made with the latest technology. Their diverse lines of kitchen equipment are subjected to rigorous testing and quality control. Their brand is trusted and sold in over 165 countries.


Size: 33.2 x 25.6 x 23.4 cm
Weight: 2.6 Kg
Voltage: 220

In The Box

  1. 1 x Hand Mixer and Stand
  2. 1 x mixing bowl with lid
  3. 2 x beaters
  4. 2 x dough hooks
  5. 1 x instructions with recipe ideas included


  • Instruction booklet with ideas for recipes
  • Detachable head for using as a hand mixer
  • Easy storage
  • Ease of use


  • Though it receives few complaints, some reviewers report it works better as a hand mixer.


If you want to do some comparison shopping, consider the Savisto 1260W Retro Food Stand Mixer With 5.5L Bowl, Splash Guard, Dough Hook, Whisk, Beater & 2 Year Warranty. While it does not have the removable hand mixer, it does have a larger 5.5L bowl, a balloon whisk in addition to the beater and dough hook, and 800 watts of power with 6 speeds and a pulse mode. But these enhancements come at a price, almost twice the cost of the Wahl James Martin.

On the other hand, for a lower price point you can take a look at the attractive Goodqol 6 Speed mixer with Tilt Release and x2 Dough Hooks / Beaters. It has a trendy retro feel along with its ability to whip up cake batters, bread doughs and icings. It has a splash guard and tilt release head, instead of the functionality of the Wahl James Martin ability to detach for use as a hand mixer. However, some reviewers complained it didn’t stand up to heavy use.


Though at the low end of the scale on price and power, the Wahl James Martin offers good value for its ability to go above and beyond and take the “work” out of preparing delectable meals and treats, while offering versatility as both a stand and hand mixer.


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