Spotlight: The Sunshine Bakery in Leeds

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It’s a new arrival in the Chapel Allerton area of Leeds, and certainly one that you might find yourself overlooking, if you are just passing through. But, if you want pure decadence when you order your dessert, you should take care not to pass by the Sunshine Bakery! This bakery is, without a doubt, one of the best places to grab a treat in the city, whether you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth, are searching for a good place for lunch, or if you’re just on the prowl for your java fix. There aren’t many places in the world that can do all of the above, and do it all in such a perfect way that you’ll wonder why you hadn’t gone there sooner! The charming atmosphere and award-winning food (Try the cupcakes; the Sunshine Bakery was crowned national cupcake champion a few years back!) will ensure that you’ll want to visit time and time again. David Bennett, founder of the Sunshine Bakery, is truly a master of the culinary arts. In this cafe, he has made a safe haven for foodies all throughout the Leeds area, and even beyond. For those who find eating to be more of an experience, and less of a task that must be dealt with, this is the perfect option to really take in the entire atmosphere that comes with your food, whether that is their chocolate decadence cake, a hearty sandwich, or a simple cup of coffee in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

About the Sunshine Bakery


The Sunshine Bakery is one of the newest businesses that have sprung up in the always-trendy section of Leeds, Chapel Allerton. Like other businesses in the area, the Sunshine Bakery is a perfect example of a cafe that is just as rich, decadent, and luxurious as the food that it offers, while also being a cosy, homey place where you can truly relax and enjoy yourself while dining at your own leisure. But the food, while being delicious and comforting, is certainly not something that is so laid-back! Instead, you’ll find that, whatever you order, it will be prepared meticulously, so that it will be the absolute best that you could expect.

The founder of the Sunshine Bakery, David Bennet, takes this very seriously. He is a former chef, working for Marco Pierre-White; this ensures that he is truly dedicated to providing the most delectable food possible for his customers, and he has certainly succeeded in that endeavor: His cupcakes have won competitions, even going so far as to be crowned the national cupcake champion! If you find yourself in Leeds, looking for a little something sweet, you would really be amiss not to give these cupcakes a try. You might break your diet, but you certainly won’t regret it!


While a lot of cafes (particularly new, trendy ones that are trying very hard to be fashionable) choose to go with a sparse, earth-toned motif with tall tables and chairs spread out in every direction, that isn’t the case with the Sunshine Bakery. Instead, it chooses to relish the idea that a good dining experiences includes a close, cozy atmosphere, and as many knick-knacks and what’s-its as possible. And, apparently, a lot are possible, because there are so many that it’s nearly impossible to count them all.

The air that the Sunshine Bakery gives off when you first see it is one of warmth. It appears to be almost a beloved antique of sorts: Worn, sure, but loved and taken care of so that it can provide happiness for a long time to come. The chairs and tables are certainly close together, and the furniture is most definitely worn. But it gives it a charming personality, instead of leading one to believe that the owner doesn’t care about appearances. The chips on the chair, the paint slightly peeling in the window, and all of the decorations hanging on the wall make the place feel less like a cold business, and more like a warm, inviting house that you’ve been invited to for lunch. The pink walls certainly help with this, though they aren’t easily seen through the framed pictures and other various items hanging on it. All-in-all, it is reminiscent of a French patisserie, perfectly formed, overly decorated, beginning to fade, but still a beautiful and luxurious environment. In truth, the atmosphere of the Sunshine Bakery is, in and of itself, just as much of a treat as the sweets you’ll find behind the glass counter.

The Food


The first food that has to be mentioned is the obvious: The sweets! This is reason enough to visit the Sunshine Bakery. They are well known for their pastries, and take great pride in their taste and appearance. There is little doubt that the cakes, donuts, and especially cupcakes, are some of the best available in Leeds. At the time of the writing of this article, the Sunshine Bakery’s Facebook page is featuring a delicious Chocolate and Guinness cake to pacify the customers who are looking forward to more salted caramel brownies. If you like sweets, definitely visit this cafe!

But that isn’t to say that the Sunshine Bakery is nothing but baked sweets. They’re also a great place to pick up a fantastic lunch. The more savory options are just as good as the sweet, and are just as noteworthy. There are many options available for many different tastes. If you want something a bit more traditional and hearty, then you should definitely try one of their artisan sandwiches; they’re to die for! The bread is baked in-house, making it a great way to treat yourself over lunch. Looking for something a little different? Try one of their soups!

The cupcakes, though, are what the Sunshine Bakery is best known for. These cupcakes won the national championship in 2010 and 2011. Who doesn’t like cupcakes, right? This makes an even better excuse to purchase a few…and maybe some to share, as well. There are other options that are just as decadent that you should definitely try. This includes the chocolate decadence cake, which is so rich and delicious that you have to order it ahead so that the bakery has the time to put it together properly so that you can really enjoy it!

The Little Things That Make the Sunshine Bakery Special
It isn’t just the food and décor that makes the Sunshine Bakery a true gem in a sea of cafes. Their dedication to the local area is truly a wonderful thing. The produce that they use is normally of the local variety, grown not far from the bakery itself, causing less pollution and keeping the food close to home and as fresh as possible. This helps to support the local economy, and keeps the restaurant firmly situated in the “green” category. If you prefer to eat at restaurants that do their utmost to eat locally, you can’t do any better than the Sunshine Bakery.

Cupcake Classes

But it doesn’t stop there! Are you looking for a fun group activity, one that lets you let out your inner pastry chef? Then you’re in luck! The Sunshine Bakery holds cupcake decorating classes, so that you and yours can learn to decorate these world-famous cupcakes. This is a great option for children, or a great and unique way to have a hen party. There are really no wrong ways you can go about a cupcake-decorating class. If you’d rather bring the cupcakes to you, however, you can do that, too! The Sunshine Bakery is available for private hire. Whether it’s your little one’s birthday, an engagement party brunch, or anything in between, the Sunshine Bakery is a perfect choice for catering.

Bring Your Own

Want a little more adult fun? Then get ready, because on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, the Sunshine Bakery offers a BYOB (bring your own booze) supper club. This is an adult atmosphere, perfect for a date night or anniversary dinner. You bring your own alcohol but, for £25, you get a three course meal. This always starts at 6:45 p.m., and is by bookings only. So if you want to participate, you should definitely call ahead.

Contact Information

Address: The Sunshine Bakery, 182 Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, LS7 4NZ

Telephone: 0113 2680656